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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Master Vile ordered Noma to go down and attack Angel Grove. In the battle the Zeo Rangers called on the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel whilst the Time Force Rangers called on the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red. However, Noma proved too much and destroyed the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel. This called for the Space Rangers to bring down the Astro Megazord and with the help of the Shadow Force Megazord, Noma was destroyed. Now with the Rangers looking on, Master Vile, Ransik, Rita and Zedd have all grown and have begun to attack Angel Grove. Will all the Rangers be able to defeat them? And what is the mystery zord that was given to the Phantom Ranger? Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………….


Zedd: "Ah! What a beautiful day to attack Angel Grove!"

Rita: "Yes it is my darling husband. Those Power Punks will not know what hit them!!"

All of a sudden, a little boy appeared right in front of them all.

Ransik: "Who is this puny human?"

Justin: "I am Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger!!! SHIFT INTO TURBO!!!"

Justin once again morphed into the Blue Turbo Ranger and prepared to attack Zedd.

Zedd: "Go away!"

Zedd lifted up his huge left foot and brought it down onto Justin, squashing him dead.

Rita: "Excellent Zeddy. Another destruction of a Power Ranger!"

Meanwhile in the Power Chamber all the Rangers had been watching what was going on.

Rocky: "I don’t believe it! They killed Justin!"

Lucas: "Man, they’re in a bad mood."

Andros: "We better morph and get down there to protect the city."

Adam: "Wait! Who’s that?"

All the Rangers looked to the screen once again to see the Phantom Ranger appear by Rita and Zedd……….

Zedd: "Ah! The Phantom Ranger! It seems you are going to have the same fate as that little flat Ranger over there, as you have no zord!"

Phantom Ranger: "I wouldn’t be so sure of that Zedd!"

The Phantom Ranger pulled out the item which the Mysterious Figure had given to him.

Phantom Ranger: "I call on the Power of the DRAGONZORD!!!"

The Phantom Ranger stuck the Dragon Dagger to his lips and played the tune Tommy had played so many times before. The Dragonzord arose from its hiding place and made its way to where the Evil Empire was standing.

Rita: "The Dragonzord? Uuuuugh! That brings back some awfully painful memories!"

Back in the Power Chamber, Tommy was staring at the screen in shock..

Tommy: "I don’t believe it! The Phantom Ranger has the Dragonzord!"

Billy: "Amazing!"

Jen: "Come on! We’ve got to go down there and help him!"

Time Force Rangers: "TIME FOR, TIME FORCE!!!"


Space Rangers: "LET’S ROCKET!!!"

Tommy and Adam: "ITS MORPHIN TIME!!!"

Karone: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

Billy: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

Adam: "Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five. Red!"

All the Rangers morphed and were teleported by the Power Chamber to Angel Grove….

Zhane: "I need the Mega Winger!"

Andros: "We need Astro Megazord Power!"

The Astro Megazord and Mega Winger formed and landed on Earth.

Wes: "Circuit, we need help!"

Circuit: "Time Fliers online!"

The Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow appeared out of the time holes and formed into the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue.

Eric: "Q-Rex, Arise!!"

The Q-Rex appeared out of its hiding place and ran toward Angel Grove.

Eric: "Megazord mode!"

The Q-Rex formed into Megazord mode!

Adam: "We need Zeo Megazord Power now!"

Tommy: "I need the Red Battle Zord!"

The zeo zords appeared and formed the Zeo Megazord whilst Tommy jumped into the cockpit of the Red Battle Zord. The Zeo Megazord and Red Battle Zord combined to form the Zeo Mega Battle Zord.

Ninjor: "Have no fear Rangers!"

Ninjor arrived and grew into Ninjor Battle Mode. They all stood in a line, ready to attack the Evil Empire.

Tommy: "Wes, you go after Ransik as you know how to take him out, Ninjor and Phantom Ranger, you go for Rita, Andros and Zhane, you go for Zedd., us and Eric will go…….."

Eric: "I’ll go after Ransik too, you can take care of Master Vile!"

Adam: "Alright then, lets get to it."

Master Vile: "Oh no you don’t. We have our own plan!"

Ransik charged towards the Mega Winger and pulled a sword out of his shoulder. He struck it down onto the Winger and it fell to the ground. He then went after the Astro Megazord. Meanwhile, Rita and Zedd went after the Q-Rex and Shadow Force Megazord. They each knocked them down and began to pummel them with their staffs. Master Vile went after the Zeo Mega Battle Zord and sent it down with a laser shot from his eyes.

Rocky: "Oh man, we’re not doing too good."

Gluto then appeared and revealed his mutant DNA, he grew to a tremendous size and began to go after Ninjor and the Dragonzord. He knocked Ninjor down with a vicious blow to the chest, and Ninjor went flying through a building.

Ninjor: "I’m sorry Rangers, I’ve been injured, I must go."

Tommy: "Go, Ninjor, we can take care of it!"

Ninjor shrunk back down to normal size and flew away on his cloud.

Phantom Ranger: "Dragonzord, use your missiles!"

He played the battle tune and the Dragonzord launched several missiles at Gluto which sent him flying onto the ground. Meanwhile the Mega Winger had been damaged in its fall and Zhane had taken it back to its base. He had joined the rest of the Rangers in the Astro Megazord.

Zhane: "Oh man! This is getting bad. We need to do something."

Ashley: "Watch out! Ransik’s attacking again!"

Ransik rushed towards the Megazord and exchanged blows with it. He then pulled out another sword and struck it in the chest. The Astro Megazord fell onto the ground.

Rita and Zedd continued to attack the Q-Rex and Shadow Force Megazord……

Katie: "We’re losing power. The Megazord is getting too badly damaged."

Rita and Zedd kept on hitting each zord with their staffs. Draining more and more power.

Zedd: "Ahahaha! You Rangers are all doomed."

The Phantom Ranger led the Dragonzord over to Rita who was attacking the Shadow Force Megazord. He made the Dragonzord use his tail whip and Rita was sent to the ground.

Zedd: "Why you annoying little zord!! You’ll pay for that!"

Zedd then went after the Dragonzord leaving the Shadow Force Megazord free.

Wes: "Now’s our chance!"

The Megazord got to its feet and wandered over to Gluto who had just risen from his crumpled state.

Wes: "Time Target!"

The Time Target sent each number of the clock around Gluto. Wes then fired and it hit Gluto freezing him to a small size. Jen jumped out of the zord and captured Gluto.

Jen: "Yes! We got him!"

Ransik looked on in disbelief. He then went back to attacking the Astro Megazord. The Zeo Mega Battle Zord was now out for the count.

Billy: "We’ve lost all power!"

Karone: "We’re sitting ducks!"

Master Vile leaned forward for the final blow but was stopped by the Q-Rex.

Eric: "I don’t think so!"

Tommy: "Man that was close! But we need more help, we haven’t got enough zords to take them all out. Ransik has got the Space Rangers cornered, Rita and Zedd have got the Dragonzord. Only the Time Force Rangers are keeping us from being destroyed."

They all looked on as the Shadow Force Megazord and Q-Rex took it to Master Vile, whilst Rita and Zedd continued to attack the Dragonzord and Ransik took it to the Astro Megazord.

Adam: "If we could only get some more help from somewhere, we could go back to our original game plan and take them all out."

Karone: "But who can help us?"


Back in the Power Chamber’s secret room, Alpha tapped one more command into the computer.

Alpha: "There. The Power Transfer is now complete, the Gold Ranger is back."


Back in Angel Grove, Rita had now turned her attention back to the Q-Rex Megazord. The Evil Empire was winning and all the Zeo Rangers could do was look on from there damaged zord.

Master Vile: "Rangers, prepare yourself, for your destruction. Ahahahaha!!!…….."