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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, Master Vile and the rest of the Evil Empire sent down an army of Putties, Tengas and Cyclobots. They greatly outnumbered the Rangers. However, they were joined by the Time Force Rangers and Ninjor, who made the battle a little easier. Finally, one of the mysterious figures was revealed. It was the Phantom Ranger, and Jason became the new Gold Ranger. Now with 19 Rangers, will they be able to stop stage 2 of the Evil Empire’s plan? Next on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………..


Billy: "That’s the last of them. They’re all gone."

All the Rangers turned to Goldar, Rito and Gluto.

Zhane: "I don’t like your chances against 18 Rangers."

Goldar: "He who battles and runs away…."

Gluto: "uuuuuuuuuuh…….."

Rito: "Lives to fight another day!!! Geez."

Goldar, Rito and Gluto teleported back to the Palace.

Zedd: "Good job. You have tired out all those Rangers. They will be easy to defeat now!!"


The Phantom Ranger disappeared, leaving the other Rangers alone.

Cassie: "Man, that was tough."

Trip: "Yeah, anymore of them and we would have been toast."

Andros: "Well, we gotta get back to the Megaship…"

The 6 Space Rangers flew back to the Megaship on their Galaxy Gliders.

Tommy: "You guys gonna be ok?"

Wes: "Yeah, we’ll be fine."

The Zeo Rangers then teleported back to the Power Chamber. They landed and there was no one there.

Karone: "Where’s Alpha?"

Billy: "He must be conducting the Power Transfer of the Gold Ranger Power."

Rocky: "That means its been decided."

Adam: "I wonder who won."

In a hidden room in the Power Chamber…..

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai. This is proving more difficult than I thought. I wish Zordon was here to help me. Don’t worry Jason, it will be done soon."

Outside of the Angel Grove forest, a gust picked up and the Mysterious Figure appeared next to the emerged Phantom Ranger.

Phantom Ranger: "That was difficult. If the Evil Empire ups their attack I don’t know if we can last. When will you reveal yourself to the Rangers?"

Mysterious Figure: "I will soon Phantom Ranger, as my time left here is running out. But, the time will come when the Evil Empire launches a great attack on the city, and it will call for you to have a zord. That is why I am giving you this……"

The Mysterious Figure handed the Phantom Ranger something.

Mysterious Figure: "When the time comes call upon this zord."

Phantom Ranger: "Thank you. I won’t let the Rangers down."

Mysterious Figure: "I know you won’t."

Back in the Palace……..

Master Vile: "The time has come for our first attack. Noma, you know what to do!"

Noma: "Yes Master Vile, I’m heading down to Earth now."

Noma teleported down to Earth and landed in the middle of the city.

Master Vile: "My daughter, Zedd. I believe you know what to do."

Rita and Zedd walked to the edge of the balcony and struck their staffs together.

Rita and Zedd: "By the Power and Forces of Evil…..make Noma GROW!!!"

The lightning shot out of the staffs and hit Noma, making him grow. He began to attack the city, knocking down buildings at all angles.

Noma: "Hahaha! This will be fun."

The alarm went off in the Power Chamber, and the Rangers turned to the viewing screen to see what it was.

Tommy: "A monster’s attacking the city."

Rocky: "Who is that?"

Karone: "Its Noma. He was attacking Mirinoi and the Galaxy Rangers. He must have joined the Evil Empire as well."

Adam: "Well we better go take him down. ITS MORPHIN TIME!!"


The Time Force Rangers arrived on their vector cycles and saw Noma attacking the city.

Wes: "Circuit, we need help!"

Back in Silver Hills….

Circuit: "Time Fliers on the way!"

In the year 3000…..

"Launching Time Fliers."

The Time Fliers flew through the warp and came out of the Angel Grove baseball stadium.

"Launching Time Shadow."

The Time Shadow flew through time and arrived out of the eclipse. The Rangers jumped into their fliers.

Wes: "Shadow Force Megazord, Mode Red!"

The Time Force Megazord formed into mode Red, and then joined with the Time Shadow.

Karone: "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!"

Rocky: "Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

Billy: "Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!"

Adam: "Zeo Ranger Four Green!"

Tommy: "Zeo Ranger Five Red!"

The Zeo Rangers landed and called for their zord.

Zeo Rangers: "We need Super Zeo Megazord power now!"

The Super Zeo Megazord formed and the Rangers flew into the cockpit. Tommy’s communicator then went off.

Andros: "Tommy, its Andros. Do you need our help?"

Tommy: "No, I think we’ll be ok. We need to save as much energy as possible as I’m sure Zedd will launch another attack if this one doesn’t succeed."

Andros: "Good point. We’ll keep our eye on you though."

Tommy: "Ok thanks."

Noma ran towards the two megazords and hit each with a lightning punch. The two zords fell onto the ground and Noma continued to attack. He hit each zord with a vicious kick, alternating between each zord with each blow.

Noma: "This is too easy."

Adam: "I call on the power of the Warrior Wheel!"

The Warrior Wheel arrived and began to spin. It flew towards Noma and hit him with a spinning punch. It sent Noma down. The Super Zeo Megazord then got onto its feet and picked up the Warrior Wheel which had formed into its wheel position.

Tommy: "Ok, throw the Warrior Wheel."

Just as the Super Zeo Megazord brought its huge arm back ready to throw, Noma got back to his feet and threw an explosive at the Megazord. It latched onto its chest and ticked down.

Adam: "Hold it. We got to escape, there’s an explosive on us."

Tommy: "Eject!"

The Zeo Rangers flew out of the Super Zeo Megazord and landed on the ground. They looked up to see the explosive go off. The Super Zeo Megazord exploded and the pieces of the zords went flying everywhere. The explosion carried over to the Warrior Wheel which also exploded.

Karone: "Nooo!"

Rocky: "We’ve lost the Super Zeo Megazord."

Billy: "I can’t believe it!"

In the Astro Megaship, the Rangers looked on.

Ashley: "The Super Zeo Megazord has been destroyed."

T.J: "We’ve got to go down there and help them."

Andros: "Ok, DECA, form the Astro Megazord."

The Megazord formed and the Rangers arrived morphed into the cockpit. Zhane stayed with Alpha in the main room of the Megaship. The Astro Megazord landed on Earth as the Shadow Force Megazord prepared an attack.

Wes: "Time Strike!!"

The Shadow Force sword was brought down onto Noma, a shot which would normally freeze a mutant. It sent Noma down, but he began to get back up.

Jen: "What can we do to help if the Shadow Force Megazord doesn’t work?"

Andros: "Don’t worry guys, you’ve weakened him! Astro Megazord Sabre. Power up!"

The Megazord sabre, began to glow a bright yellow as the Astro Megazord jumped into the air.

Noma: "You can’t hurt me!"

The Astro Megazord brought the sabre down onto the head of Noma. He spun around and fell to the ground, his body exploded as the Zeo Rangers looked on.

Adam: "Alright, they did it!"

Tommy: "That’s one down for the Evil Empire."

Master Vile looked on from the Palace…….

Master Vile: "Blast! I thought Noma would destroy them."

Rita: "Don’t worry Daddy dearest, he destroyed the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel!"

Ransik: "Plus, the Time Force zords don’t work against you or your monsters. It only weakens them."

Zedd: "Yes. If we concentrate our power on them whilst Ransik goes after those puny Space Rangers, it will leave the Zeo Rangers all alone."

Master Vile: "It is settled then. We will all attack Angel Grove together and destroy the Power Rangers!"


In the hidden room of the Power Chamber……

Alpha: "I’m almost done Jason. And not a moment too soon with the Super Zeo Megazord gone."

At the Youth Center, all the Rangers were talking together……

Wes: "Hey Eric, I didn’t see you fighting out there today."

Eric: "I was seeing how well you could do without my help."

Tommy: "Well we’re gonna need all the help we can get."

Adam: "Tommy’s right. If Noma could take out the Super Zeo Megazord and the Warrior Wheel, there’s no telling what they could do o any of our other zords."

T.J: "Your right, we’ve got to be on the lookout."

Ashley: "What’s up Cassie?

Cassie: "I just wonder where the Phantom Ranger was in that battle……"

Carlos: "I’m sure he’ll be there next time."

Andros: "But for now, we’ve got to plan how to get rid of the Evil Emp….."

All the Rangers attention was brought to a breaking news report on the TV.

News Reporter: "Angel Grove is under attack by several monsters."

The Rangers looked on as they saw Master Vile, Rita, Ransik and Zedd all at a huge size, attacking Angel Grove……………….