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Last time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, the Space Rangers returned with a new Astro Megaship and helped the Zeo Rangers destroy the Octophantom with the Astro Megazord; Mike, Zack and Jason all were teleported by the same unknown force; and Zedd made plans to join forces with Ransik. Will they destroy the Rangers together?… on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return………


Leo landed with a thud on the ground as more and more Putties joined in on the attack of Mirinoi.

Maya: "This isn’t going so well. Noma and his forces are outnumbering us so much."

Kendrix: "We’ve got to hang in there. As long as we can get rid of his monsters and Putties, we should be able to destroy him."

Damon: "But we don’t have the Galaxy Megazord, Noma destroyed the Galacta Beasts in our last battle. How can we win?"

Noma: "I’ll tell you how….you can’t!!"

Noma appeared on top of a hill.

Noma: "Its time you Rangers were finished off. Bring me my Quasar Cannon!"

A huge cannon was placed beside Noma. It had five holes in it, each presumably would send out a huge bolt of energy.

Noma: "What do you think Rangers? This little beauty can destroy your Quasar Sabres with one blast."

Kai: "We’ll see about that Noma."

Leo: "Quasar Sabres!"

All five Rangers pulled their Quasar Sabres out, ready to attack anything that came at them.

Leo: "I’m gonna make you pay for kidnapping my brother!"

Noma: "I don’t think so."

Noma activated the cannon, and it shot five powerful blasts towards the Rangers. Each blast sped towards them and connected with each Quasar Sabre, disintegrating each one. Each Ranger’s powers slowly faded away as their power source was gone.

Leo: "Nooooooo!"

Kendrix: "Our Quasar Sabres!"

Maya: "They’re gone, we’ve lost our Ranger power."

Kai: "I can’t believe this!"

Noma: "And now its time to take over Mirinoi!! Hahahaha!!"

All of a sudden Lord Zedd’s face appeared in the sky.

Zedd: "Noma, I’m calling in my favor for supplying you with an army of monsters and Putties."

Noma: "But I’ve already given you the Magna Defender."

Zedd: Yes, well he has lost his powers, something you forgot to tell me. So unless you want to be destroyed I suggest you teleport to my Palace now. I need your help in getting rid of some puny Rangers."

Noma: "Deal with it yourself…..I’m about to capture Mirinoi….."

Zedd: "Enough!!"

A huge laser shot down towards Noma and hit the ground right next to him.

Zedd: "Now….do you want the next one to connect? If not, I suggest you come to the Palace now….."

Noma: "Fine, I’m on my way."

Noma teleported to Rita and Zedd’s Palace.

Leo: "I can’t believe it! Just like that, the threat is gone?"

Alpha 6: "Aiyaiyaiyaiyai! Mirinoi is safe."

Kai: "Yeah, I wonder wh……Agghhh!"

Kai froze as his body filled with pain.

Alpha: "Kai, whats wrong?"

Alpha ran over to Kai and grabbed his arm. Kai was then teleported away, taking Alpha 6 with him.

Maya: "Noo!"

Leo: "First Mike is kidnapped, now Kai and Alpha disappear. What’s happening?"

Back on Earth, the Space and Zeo Rangers were all in the Power Chamber when Alpha suddenly spoke up.

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyai! The Zeo Crystal has just put into the Power Chamber’s computer that it has found all the ones who have proven enough to take command of the Gold Ranger Powers."

Tommy: "Alright! We really need the Gold Ranger’s powers now with Rita and Zedd back."

Cassie: "I wonder who it is."

Alpha: "The Zeo Crystal says though, that first it must let out someone who wasn’t supposed to be brought here. Someone we all know…."

A hidden door opened in the Power Chamber, a door that not even Alpha nor Billy knew about. Through the steam that came out of the door, Alpha 6 walked out.

Alpha 6: "Aiyaiyaiyai! Andros, T.J, Rangers. Its so good to see you."

Ashley: "Alpha? How did you get here?"

Alpha 6: "I was brought here by the Zeo Crystal. Now if its not too much trouble could you take me back to where ever it is you stay now? My circuits are worn out."

Carlos: "Of course Alpha, we’ll take you to our new Astro Megaship."

The Space Rangers and Alpha 6 teleported to the Megaship as Alpha 5 began to speak again.

Alpha: "The Zeo Crystal says it will now reveal the four people who are able enough to take control of the Gold Ranger Power."

The hidden door opened again, and through the steam came four figures. First out was Kai, second out was Zack, third to appear was Mike, and finally, Jason walked through the door.

Jason: "Tommy? Hey man. Can you believe this?"

Tommy: "You mean Jason could become the Gold Ranger again? Excellent."

Karone: "Kai, Mike? One of you could become the Gold Ranger?"

Mike: "I know its incredible."

Billy: "Zack? Amazing."

Zack: "Yeah! The Zackman could become the Gold Ranger!"

Rocky: "But who gets the power?"

Alpha: "Aiyaiyaiyaiyai! The Zeo Crystal says that the one who will gain control of the Gold Ranger Power will be the one who wins in a battle between the four people."

Jason: "What? You mean we have to fight each other to become the Gold Ranger. I’m not gonna do that."

Zack: "Me neither."

Kai: "I’m not doing it either."

Mike: "Same here."

Tommy: "But then we won’t have a Gold Ranger. Alpha, are you sure this is the only way?"

Alpha: "Yes Tommy I’m sure. They have to battle one another. Who ever wins is the new Gold Ranger."

Adam: "How can the Zeo Crystal do this?"

Jason: "Well if it means one of us becomes the Gold Ranger, that means we can help against Rita and Zedd. I suppose we better do it."

The other three agreed. They all continued to talk it over some more as the two mysterious figures met outside.

???: "It seems they would rather not fight one another."

Mysterious Figure: "That is good. It shows the true quality that a Ranger must have. Soon though, we will know who the new Gold Ranger is."

Back at the Palace; Rita and Zedd had met with Ransik and they had agreed that working together would benefit both in getting rid of the Rangers. Zedd had brought Noma to the Palace to join the battle as well, but Rita had one more surprise left up her sleeve.

Rita: "Esteemed villains of the Universe, we have come together to aid my Zeddy in the destruction of all the Power Rangers. Now, I believe we can get it done by ourselves, but through the aid of my great magical power, I have brought an even more evil villain back to help us. I’d like to introduce to you…….the monster that will help us defeat all those Rangers……..Master Vile!!!"

Master Vile walked through the door.

Master Vile: "The Evil Empire has joined. Let the destruction of Earth begin!!!!………….."



Next time on Power Rangers Zeo: The Return, The Evil Empire begins its attack on Earth. The Time Force Rangers join the Zeo and Space Rangers to help rid the Earth of all villains. But while the battle is going on, an even more important battle between Mike, Kai, Zack and Jason is taking place, who will win and become and the new Gold Ranger? Find out in the next episode of Power Rangers Zeo: The Return…….