Tari... the little blighter herself...

Full Name - Tari Korei (last name is sometimes changed ^^;; )
Species - Plain old mortal human theif
Appearance - Has just longer than sholder length black hair, tied back in a loose braid usually, and green eyes. She has very tanned skin from spending time travelling, and is about 5'7. She wears a large dark cloak, with a green gypsy top and skirt with splits up the sides beneath, and a silver bracelet with blue sapphires in it on her right wrist. The cloak has many pockets, in a hidden one she carries a tattered old book, which she takes with her everywhere. She also carries a silver dagger with her. Personality - Feisty and cheeky. Always getting into arguements or trouble for various reasons. Rather clumbsy for a theif though... She's very stubborn, and has kinder moods from her usual loudmouth-ness.
History - For a more detailed history you'll actually have to RP with her... the basics are such - Tari's father was killed before she was born, and 3 days after Tari was born, her mother killed herself from grief, leaving Tari with just her name, her bracelet and the book she takes with her everywhere. And it just goes downhill from there.... (I know, I'm a pessimist and sadistic person...)