A poem created by myself and Lia (from Findaryl) in a moment of obsolute boredom and annoyance at Aleena...

Ode to Aleena

Aleena, she's a retard,
And she's such as tryhard
She posts on every board
And can't even spell sword.
She annoys Arutha,
Lets throw her through the roof-a!
She lives on top of a cliff
We all live in hope that the foundations shift.
She spells worse than a grade three
Wonder if she could even spell 'me'?
She hits on any poor guy
Then they try to blow her sky high.
She's as oblivious as an ant
Can she spell? No she can't!
I wonder if she has a life beyond the computer?
Probably not, with that face it wouldn't suit her.
All hail Aleena
Queen of the Bad RPers!