Karma... Kaya... whatever...

Name - Karmaya Da Costa (known as Kaya or Karma, depending where I'm RPing)
Species - Human Witch/Sorceress
Appearance - Black hair, ice blue eyes. About average height, maybe a little shorter.
Personality - Kaya is more my serious side, making her rather logical and serious. She's calm in general, although kinda cynical. Pacifist *nods* No fighting unless necessary. She's loyal and affectionate. Gets hurt easily though.
Abilities - Teleportation, Healing, Shapeshifting (to only a magpie), Pyrokinesis (creates fireballs), Transformations (has a penchant for turning those who annoy her into penguins... ehehe, bewarned).
History - Here's the main outline... theres always being more stuff added to it. When Kaya was a kid, her brother and father were murdered. Her mother and Kaya herself, both being witches, were accused of the murder and sentence to death by burning. Kaya escaped, her mother didn't... -.-