Name -
Karma (well, Caris, but *shhhhh* I prefer Karma)
Age -
15 years old... not going into mental age -.-''
Country -
The middle of now where, the land of Oz, Australia. X_x
Starsign -
Pisces/Aries (born on the Cusp... I get to choose what horoscope I like the best ^^;;)
Likes -
Roleplaying, Gundam Wing, Music, Arty Stuff,Vodka Cruisers...
Dislikes -
War, violence, guns, hypocrites, the brat (a.k.a. little sister)...
Anything else? -
Uh...I'm one of your smart-weird people, I suppose. I play netball (for those who don't live in Australia, just imagine basketball for girls. Without bouncing the ball. Or running with it. Ah, screw it), I'm a 'tute rep', ... Uh, what else? I'm addicted to Roleplaying, and arguing for no reason (^^;; Can you slam a revolving door?)...
Anything else? - My email, for the stalkers out there -
I stand by my rule... if you send me spam, I'll send you a virus. Fair, doncha think?
I'll add in my various other junk as I go along.