Ah! Welcome again ^^;;
Oh and I'd like to apologise for the evil little pop up ads that appear on here... believe me, if I knew how to get rid of them, I would. The annoy the hell out of me too -.-'

5th November - I've done the tests... sorted, by alphabet, so they should load quicker... and be easier to sort through. Now just to double check they all work -.-' 29th October - Alright... I know I haven't been around for ages, and half the links on this thing don't work, but I intend on, when I get the time, fixing this up and updating it... maybe adding some stuff if I have the creativity. ^^
12th July - Yes, I am still alive... just been busy and distracted... I'm still finding new quizzes, and I think I've given up on the guy voodoo-doll maker for now... bleh
17th June - AUGH!!! What the hell happened to the quizzes?! AUGH!!!!
9th June - currently making a guy version of the Voodoo Doll Maker (be patient, Fliff)... Also another RP section idea sprouting... hmmm...
1st June - Been adding heaps more quizzes.... and thats about it ^^;;
26th May (evening) - I found the button and the Tamatama thingy... hope you people like them too...
26th May (afternoon) - ooooo... sparkly mouse thing.... hope you guys like...
26th May (morning) - Uh, I've started a DJ (Dead Journal), but I'm very confused about it now... help please? ^^;;
23rd May - as those of you who use the front entrance may have noticed, I've changed the cover... who, or what, is Bunyip, you may ask? Bunyip is my schools local emu... comes onto the oval every so often and terrorises those who are stupid enough to fear it... Bunyips a cool name, dontcha reckon? ^^;;
20th May - Bleh... nothing... put up another link in the links section... wondering where my RPing friends are (I'm bored, where are you guys?!)... the usual...
19th May - Made the RPer's part open, although there is not much point as there is nothing in there... -.-'
15th May - Haven't been here for a while, have I? Well, you'll be pleased (for the few people who DO come here) that I have a good voodoo up! Go to voodoo, and click on the link... feel free to email me with the ideas. My email is up in the 'Me' section now... if I get spam, expect a virus in return, comprende?
8th May - Sorry peoples... the muse has gone for now. Took one look at my Work Experience forms and went running for the hills.... sooooooo.... maybe not many new ideas coming too soon.
7th May - My muse is out to get me... I have been struck by many ideas (which is good, considering all the junk I have to do ^^;;). My greatest one, that will be affecting this site? The 'Make Your Own Voodoo Doll' Page! Got someone that really gets on your nerves? Now you can make a cartoon replica of them, then kill them! I'm currently working on it, hopefully will have a basic version up soon...
5th May - Created the Welcome page, and added 3 people to the 'Friends' section... wow, huh. Actually working!
4th May - Martina killed my Geocities site, made a new one for me here, and it rules! *hails the almighty Martina* So from now on, the cool pages are by Martina, the crappy ones by Moi, comprende?