Drawings/Arty Stuff!
No, no, these are not mine (I can't draw to save myself). The majority of these are drawn by my friend and penpal, Duo (for those who are signed up with Neopets, 'Duo_dark_shinigami'). A few others come from various sites I have found. Please don't steal, link back to myself or the original artist if you want to use one.

Angry Duo - DDS

Miffed Duo - DDS

Angel - Justin Wong

Karmaya (Karma's RP Character) - DDS

Neo - ta526

Darth Maul - ta526

Lestat and Kaya - Dany
**Note** Kaya and Lestat are from Neopets board RP's, there are a few different versions of Kaya so don't be confused... she's not cheating on anyone -.-'

Believe -
Amy Brown