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The Wizarding Times

♥Saturday, April 6, 2002♥


---What you are reading right now is The Wizarding Times or TWT. Once a month, a new issue will come out. You can submit your articles, stories, and fanart here to be displayed! This month's issue was a little late, but we hope you will still like it!!---

What's Going On?


Shocking News! _Sly_fox, or "Foxy Lady", and some of his followers have decided to leave WWWA and form a new guild called The Neopian Monarchy. It's motto is "If you want to rule all guilds and neopians, come join us, natural MONARCHS!" What a disturbing matter! Hopefully this guild will NOT succeed as much as WWWA. At the front page, there is even a section that explains how they will be big one day and "rule". Who would want to join this guild? Well a follower, _sly_foxy_bruce, had decided to leave WWWA and also join TNM!! Stay tuned for more updates.
Reporting Live,
~Swazzie Matoe~

Post Board

Contest is Held Back!

As you might have seen on the contest page, there was a plan to hold a contest about the history of WWWA, Neohogwarts, and Neowarts. Well, I have learned that this contest will be delayed for a while until further notice.It was decided that other plans had to be taken into action, partly because of TNM. But, this contest will start hopefully VERY soon.

Treasure Chest Contest!

Going on right now, you can donate any items to wwwa_treasure_chest! When the contest ends, the person with the highest value donated will win a small prize ._.

Pet Spotlight!

---Every month therre will be a pet spotlight! (when a new issue comes out) And yes again, since no one knew about it, MY pet will be in the pet spotlight. (you must be thinking, "that's not fair!" Well, I put together this WHOLE newspaper with out any help, so just go easy on me for this week. To go to the pet spotlight, click HERE

OUR Space

This is where you can post all your messages. You can post stories, poems, help notices, ANYTHING!! Just neomail >Swazzie Tell me any specific reasons why you would want your story posted up on TWT, and also if you would like a picture with it(and what picture you want). If you feel that the story is too long, then you can email me that. Ok, since this IS the first issue, and no one has anything to post, I'll post something. To see the Publishing Center, click HERE.