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--As explained by SwazzieMoon--


The game of quidditch is very fun, but kinda confusing.It is not battling, and requires intelligence and cooperation from your team.
Every team will need:

x1 keeper
x2 chasers
x2 beaters
x1 seeker
coach (who can be any member of the team too)
As many siters to cheer on your team!!

So, there will be six players on a team, and one team for every house. Now, the games will be planned to be at a convinent time for everyone(hopefully). If someone doesn't show up at game night, then the team captain will discuss with his/her team and either forfeit or continue with the game. Now, if your keeper of seeker is gone, it would be a really stupid idea to go on with the game. Hmmm.....actually, you must forfeit if the keeper or seeker doesn't arrive. So captains, pick your team carefully! Now, let's say that one of your beaters are gone, and you do not want to forfeit. Don't go crying to someone if your team gets hit by a bludger every three minutes. It WAS your desicion. **If I were you, I'd have backup players!

Game Time

Now, let's say that everyone showed up, and we are ready to play the game. There are 3 chatboards used in a game: a main public one, and each team has one to talk privately. You are only allowed to go on 2 of the chatboards: your team's and the main one. DO NOT GO ON TO THE OPPOSING TEAM'S CHATBOARD, CUZ YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. When the *whistle blows* on the main chatboard by the referee,*sigh*(i kno it is a flimsy whistle)the games begin! You will explore the quidditch network. The quidditch network is any guild site page, or any of Sailor_lily, choravenangelz, serrebi, and cho_chang3737's pet or userlookup pages. All the pages will always have a 'Q' at the top of the page. To see an example, just go to the site homepage, and then click on 'Quidditch'. You will see a page with a 'Q' at the top of that page. That will be how all quidditch network pages look like. (except there will be STUFF on it.) O yea, and before you look at the jobs, i will have to tell you what to do when you get hit by a Bludger. You might explore pages that have a picture of a bludger on it, and it will say:YOU HAVE BEEN HIT BY A BLUDGER!!! and your job is to go to the main messages board, and your team message board and post, I HAVE BEEN HIT BY A BLUDGER! the ref will wait five minutes and then tell you that you are allowed to play again! G'luck avoiding those bludgers!
Now scroll down to see what you have to do!


Ahhhhh. You chasers will explore the Quidditch Network and look for quaffles. When you find one, post on the main and your team message board that you found a quaffle, and then post the url. That means no one else can get that quaffle because it was already taken. Then you keep on exploring until you find a page that has a password on it. Neomail the keeper and tell him the password. She/he will tell you a clue to a site with a real hoop in it. Then you can score a preciouse GOAL!!!!(and post and tell the url of the real hoop.) You might find pages with fake hoops, but you can't score into them. There will be a lot of those around, and there is always more than one quaffle. Now if you get any neomails from the opposing team's beaters, look at them carefully. Their job is to try and get you to get hit with a bludger in any possible way. Got it?


hehe. You guys are the mean people! . You have to fine bludgers and post the url on you r team chat board, so no one will go to those pages. So, you are kinda like the protector of the team!!


The keeper is the person who sHoUlD be the house head too. This is because they are given passwords, and must be trusted. You see, before the game, they are neomailed what passwords they should recieve, and what clues to give out. So, let's say that the opposing team's chaser neomails you the right password, then you give them the clue that you should give them. It will say in your neomail. For example, if you were the keeper, you would get a neomail that says: (THESE ARE MADE UP!!)
Chaser gives you:
wwwa=go to
wotm=go to
and so on.
So, let's say the chaser from the opposing team neomailed you, "the password is wwwa." then you would reply, "go to". Then there would be a hoop to score in. Sometimes though, the passwords will lead you to bludger pages. Also, if the chaser gives you a password that wasn't on the neomail, you will just neomail them the url of a site that has a bludger on it.(You will get a list of thoses url's too.) So chasers, I wouldn't trust the opposing team's keeper that much!


WOOOOOOOOWEEE!!! My hands are sure getting tired!!! I am so glad that this is the last thing I'll have to explain!!!(hopefully) The seeker is probably my favorite position to explain because it just is. So, all you have to do is just explore the quidditch network and look for the snitch. You will get clues from time to time. When you find the snitch, you team gets an extra 150 points, and the game ends! There is ONLY one snitch, so if the other team finds "the" snitch, then you can't find antoher one. DUH.

---THe End----

When the game ends, the team with the highest score wins. however many points you win by is how many SP you will get for your house. Any questions? neomail Swazzelmoon! Thanx!