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I LOVE BABAAS! They are the cutest petpets in Neopia! But they're soo expensive...

These are my favorite slushies, but swazzie won't let me have too many because they're fattening. >_<

Of course swazzie can't exactly afford this...but it's a dream, still. *smiles dreamily*

Hey there! I'm iceehare, the cutest bruce in Neopia. Thanks for visiting my page! I hope you absolutely love it! ^_~ My owner, Swazzelmoon,(Swazzie for short) asked a friend (sailor)lily) to help do my Pet Page. When the whole thing is done, please sign my coming-soon g-book! Swazzie & I are aiming for Site Spotlight! Battledome Partner Requirements

I am lookin for a battledome partner. Here are my requirements:
  • Doesn't know my secret (makes you curious doesn't it?)
  • Same stats (or at least partly close)
  • Is very fair
  • Likes fighting in the d/ome
  • likes training
  • Is honest
  • Cooperative
  • Wants to fight a cute, cool Bruce like me :-)

See, I'm not that picky AT ALL. ;-) If you think you might be interested please neomail swazzie!

Well, here's ME! Us Bruces always look cute, right? Anyways, I like to have snowball fights with my friends (which include snowangurl1212 and Hoyria). You should check out their pages sometime soon. :-D

Wanna know my Stats that I'm always bragging about? Well, here they are:
  • Level: 21
  • Strength: 32
  • Defence: 24
  • Speed: 29
  • HP: 20/20
  • IQ: brilliant
  • Fought: 23
  • Won: 10
  • Lost: 10
  • Drawn: 3
  • Score: 780

Scared yet?


I don't know what is the matter with these taco dogs, but there's something ICKY about them...

Ewwww!!!I like sweets, but not anything that is too sweet.(But, I like acaras of course :)

Swazzie wasted a good 5000 Neopoints on this, and what did it do? NOTHING!!!!

Family & Friends

I have LOTS of family and friends! Here are some:

This is Kazziemoon,
my younger sissy!