Here's a listing of jobs. The jobs in grey are unavailable at the time.

The webmaster manages the guild site and front page. This job will be mostly done by Jen, Nancy, and Lily.

Reporter(WWWAM job)
The reporter finds info on the Harry Potter world and sends it to the editor. (ex - info on upcoming HP books, facts and rumors, movie pix and info, etc) The reporter also writes a monthly report of the big guild happenings and events. This job requires you to know how make your report so that it will show up in paragraphs.

Editor(WWWAM job)
The editor recieves stories, comics, reporter's news, etc and compiles it into the WWWAM. After every month, the editor sends the past month's stories to the librarian. This job requires knowledge of complicated tables, images, and basic HTML. The editor must be very trustable as he/she will be given the password to the webshell.

*Note: For the time being, the Reporter and the Editor will be one person. This will change once the guild grows.

The pharmacist will be a very trustable person. He/She recieves medicine donations and distributes free/cheap medicine to needy guild members. Further rules are to be sent to applicants.

The librarian recieves old stories from the editor and any stories from anyone else and puts it into a library.

The spy is usually not in the guild, but represents the guild. He/She searches through other guilds and reports any signs of copying/scamming/rule-breaking to a Headmistress.

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