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Apologies... hehe posted by serrebi on 6/16/02
Whoops... sorry for the lack of updates... and no, I decided not to do Hogsmeade, since there was absolutlely no way to earn money... unless somebody signs up for classes and actually decided to teach :)

THE TREASURE CHEST IS MISSING!! posted by serrebi on 6/16/02
It's GONE!! The treasure chest is missing!! Do you want a chance at helping our guild and winning a shadow paint brush? Go to the front page for more info!

Gold Rush - HP Style posted by serrebi on 4/20/02
The Harry Potter DVD is coming out on May 28!! And the 5th book is coming out on... who know's when -_- But anyway, these releases will be big 'gold rushes' for us, because the population of HP fans that play Neopets will increase! So, on May 28 - June? and whenever the book comes out - RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT!!!

Hogsmeade posted by serrebi on 4/20/02
Ok, since my oh-so-stupid banner didn't turn out that well, this message is going onto here. I'm working on Hogsmeade - a place where you can exchange Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts for real NP, items, or SP/DP. To earn 'wizard money', you hafta be really active, recruit, and blah blah blah. Doesn't this sound exciting?