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Welcome first years, to WWWA!! We are all glad that you have joined this guild. Let me explain a little about how we reward wizards and witches: (As explained by swazzelmoon)

---Spirit points are awarded for good deeds, triumphs, and victories. This is very similar to house points in the series Harry Potter.

---Deduction points are given out rarely, but can take off 5 spirit points to any house you wish of. (Hopefully not your house)
For example, you won a contest, and received 2 deduction points. All you have to do is contact >choravenangelz,>Swazzelmoon,or >Sailor_lily and tell which house you would like to deduct points. Now lets say that the house Triblator is in the lead with 95 spirit points, and you would like to use both of your deduction points on that house, then Triblator would only have 85 house points because 2 deduction points equal 10 house points. Remember, deduction points are a good thing.

---When any one, especially a teacher or the headmistress catches a student cheating, breaking the rules, or just not behaving, spirit points will be taken off. If you know of anyone cheating, prove it to us and that house will have spirit points taken off.

Now if you haven't been sorted into a house, why don't you neomail >choravenangelz and use the sorting form!!!

Thanx again for joining the World Wide Wizarding Academy!!!

**Keep checking back for updates!!