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124IL1I woke up early from a dream. I dreamed that Neowarts and Neohogwarts got together and became the most powerful guild in Neopia!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! So, I told Nancy about it. I figured that even though our guilds couldn’t become the most powerful in Neopia, maybe we could merge, for better or for worse. Nancy seemed to think it was a good idea. We decided to let Olivia in on the idea, too. After all, she was our friend, even though she didn’t actively participate in Neopets.

124IL2 With a great stroke of luck, Nancy, Olivia, and I happened to be online at the same time. We discussed the merge for about an hour. I could see that Olivia was rather uninterested, but oh well. She got more into the program after we sucked up to her. We do need her, with her being such an HTML master and all. We came up with the name: World Wide Wizarding Academy, or WWWA for short. So far, this merge business seems to be going good.

124IL3I spent an hour typing up what I supposed was a basic concept for the guild. Basic? Maybe. The house names were based on Neopian Worlds, us being called WORLD Wide Wizarding Academy and all. But with my lame creativity, my house names were pushed aside. However, they were modified into a nice, pronounceable version. We decided to make them Faerivira, Losaharan, Incinrio, and Triblator with help from Swazzie.

124IL4 More of the guild was finished. Choravenangelz was created, along with the guild, and Lily and I began work on the website.

124IL5Today was hectic. As Nancy and I finished up the guild layout, Olivia came to check it out. We expected just a calm inspection, but we were wrong. Olivia left our guIild in ruins. The layout was messed up, the colors were changed, and our logo was replaced with a rather – inappropriate – one. We got really peeved, so Olivia was flicked off the leadership position. Now there are 2 leaders.

124IL6 Olivia left the guild. I guess 2nd council wasn’t enough for her. Nancy and I both got a rude rejection letter from her. It took us 2 hours to fix Olivia’s damage, since she was the only one who had the final saved copy of the layout. We opened up the guild to our members from Neowarts and Neohogwarts. So far, the guild is going fine.