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Contests! Can't live with 'em (at least not the ones I come up with XD), can't live without 'em. So here's a contest that Nancy and I came up with. You write a story using a sentence that we supply. A new one will come every month. Good luck!

This month's sentence is...

"Oh, cool."

Evilness is contagious, mwahahaha! Get those creative juices flowing! And email your entry to Nancy and I (Lily) will be the judges.

MyStErY pIc

I'm not really sure how hard this is so the prize here is a codestone of choice and 1,000k item of choice. Neomail your answer to serrebi.

ExCeRpT cOnTeSt

"Come on," said Ron, whose teeth seemed to be chattering.

Chapter + Book = 5 SP
Book + Chapter + Page = 10 SP

Neomail all answers to serrebi.

--The Contest For a New Contest!

It's YOUR turn to think of a cool contest for WWWA! Try to think of the most creative contest that is completely original and fun. Points will be given for originality, fun, creativity, etc. The prizes will be based on how good the contest is. If you win, or maybe even if you don't win, your new contest could be used!