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OMG!!! Why would anyone in their right mind want to contact US? What? You say you're not in your right mind? Oh, okay. In that case, here's how to contact me (sailor_lily), the headmisstresses, and council:
You can neomail any one of us by using this drop-down menu:

If you want to email us instead...well, the only one of us that checks her email more than her neomail is Nancy. So her but please neomail the rest of us. And unless you want the neomail to go very unanswered, don't neomail choravenangelz. Concerning what should you neomail who? HTML - Lily. You're new - Swazzie. Ferrets (Questions. Visit my site to get why I call questions ferrets) - Jen/Nancy. Art - Annie. Chat - The other people. ^^' Once more activities go up and are appointed, 'the other people' will be changed to things like 'battle touneys - kristy' or something of the sort.