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You've finished the mystery! Or have you? Not quite! Complete the following instructions to collect your prize:

Log into choravenangel. The password is the characters you have collected. Delete the fake WWWA (please refer all unfortunate members to the real WWWA). Then post your real neopets screen name on choravenangel's userlookup. But wait! You don't have the password!

Neomail serrebi or e-mail with the answers to the following to recieve the final segment of the password. **Note: e-mail and neomail will be checked daily. You will get a reply in one or two days.
Your Neopets screen name:
Your e-mail (optional):
What you have so far of choravenangel's password:

the end

NOTE: If the mystery has already been won, you can still get a prize!! Send the e-mail, anyway.