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Hello and welcome to the jobs page. Here you can come to get a job and earn some money. Just email us the job you want. You can not learn spells or do lessons while working.

Job: Description/Money:
Advertiser This job requires you to advertise the rpg and recruit new members to join. You are able to learn spells and do lessons while doing this job. For every member you get to join, you get 10 gallons.
Janitor In this job you go around the school and clean the hallways, walls, floors, bathrooms, etc.....
Pay is 2 gallons a day.
Gameskeeper You are hired to take care of the grounds of Hogwarts and keep the Wealsey twins or any other students out of the forbidden forest.
Pay is 4 gallons a day
Pet Shop Keeper You create a pet Store, where you sell animals to people as pets. Such as toads, owls, cats, etc. You create the description and give them unique characteristics.