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Hello and welcome to the legal page. Below you will find a disclaimer and answers to all legal issues pretaining to the site.

-The webmaster claims no ownership of any kind to Harry Potter, or any Scholastic characters. These names are trademarks of J.K. Rowling and other third party owners.
-The HTML on this site is owned exclusively by Sam Kulwicki, Webmaster of Hogwarts.
-This site is hosted by Angelfire which is a trademark of the Lycos Network.
-No means of profit is being made off this site.
-No amount of money is being paid as compensation to the staff.
-No service or good is being sold on the site.
-The webmaster reserves the right of changing or doing anything to the site without approval or prior notification.
-No amount of money is being paid toward the production of this site.
-According to United States Federal Law, I may not be sued for any copyright infringement of any kind because I am a minor and am receiving no profit off this site. I cannot be held responsible for views expressed by members on the site.
-By joining the site you waive all legal issues against the site.