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How To Play

Hello and welcome to the How To Play page. Below lists all the instructions on how to play the rpg correctly.

Stat Descriptions

You start off with a description of your character..

Height- How tall or short you want to be.

Hair Color- What color hair you wish to have.

Eye Color- What color eyes you wish to have.

Wand Type- You buy your wand from Diagon Alley, you use your wand to perform spells, do lessons and to fight in wizard duels.

School Year- Every one starts off as a First year. Do graduate you must raise your wizard level.

Wizard Level- Every one starts off as a level one. You are able to learn simple spells and incantations.

Wizard Power Level- This is all of the stats pts combined below.

Spell Endurance- This shows how much power of a spell you can withstand. Once it runs out a spell may be casted on you, and your opponent will win the duel.

Spells- These are spells that can cause an opponent to have boils, tentacles, antlers,etc....

Incantations- This spells you may perform on your self, to help win a duel.

Reflexes- This determines who will go first in a Wizard duel.

Wizard Duels

Dueling is a very simple process, that requires some simple addition and subtraction. To battle you first challenge an opponent that is at Hogwarts. YOU MUST Duel IF CHALLENGED! If you do not duel when challenged, the webmaster can take 500 pts from your Wizard power level. After doing this you see which one of you has the highest reflexes. The one with the highest reflexes will go first and attack. After the first attack has been executed, you will go back and forth taking turns until someones Spell Endurance is at or below 0. Below is a sample duel:
Draco: Hey Potter, I'm gonna kick your butt
Harry: Oh really, prove it!
Draco: Okay I will. I challenge you to a wizard's duel.
Harry: Lets do it!
Harry: My reflexes are at 345 and yours are at 250, I go first!
Harry: Okay, I will attack you with my Patronus which is at 540. AHHHHHHHHHHh!!!
Harry: Your endurance is 640, but after I shot you with my Patronus, which was a 540pt spell, your Spell endurance is down to 100.
Draco: Not bad Potter, but now its my turn! Errrr.... take this Potter! Bammm.... I just attacked you with my Leg-Lock Curse. My hex is at 400 and your Spell endurance is at 600, so now your Spell endurance is down to 200. Ha!
Harry: Oh yea Draco, well I'm going to finish this little duel of ours, right now! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Harry: Your hexed Draco with my 540 Boils hex which reduced your 100 Spell endurance down in the negatives! Ha.
Harry: But since I'd rather see you live with the shame of defeat then with boils covering your face, I'll spare your.
Harry: Good bye Draco."Harry runs off to class"
Draco: I'll get you one day Potter! ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

So you see Dueling is not all that difficult, it is very simple and doesn't take that long to figure out. There are just a few more things I'd like to discuss before moving on. First, the winner decides whether or not to hex or spare the loser. If you are hexed in battle, you will go to the Madam Pomfrey where you can be healed.(See Hopital Wing page for details.)The winner of a battle gets 5 gold and 10 house pts for his or her house; and the loser 1 gold and loses 5 house pts. Also the winner gets 500pts to distribute amongst his stats, and the loser gets 100. Dueling should take place over AIM and a copy of the duel should be copied and pasted in with your email telling me who won and lost the duel. You may not duel the same person twice in a day. Well thats all for dueling, if you have any questions, send me an email.


You may learn spells according to your Wizard Power Level. You may find Spells on the spell page.

Graduate School Years-

To Graduate you will have to buy all the Books needed for each year. Also you will have to learn everything you can from each book. EXAMPLE: Learn all the spells pertaining to the "The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One", and so on with all the books that are in the first year section at Flourish and Blotts. Each New Hogwarts Year will require you to learn something different to GRADUATE!!!

Wizard Levels-

All characters may transform to five levels, the first time the first level, second time second level, third time third level, fourth time fourth level, fifth time fifth level. Here are the Wizard power levels you must reach to transform to these levels:

Wizard Level 1: Start off; Can perform simple spells and incantations

Wizard Level 2: Graduate First Year (Must Learn all Level One Spells and Buy All Year One Books); Your reflexes, incantations, spells, and spell endurance each increases by 2,000

Wizard Level 3: Graduate Second Year(Must Learn all Level Two Spells and Buy All Year Two Books); each increases by 4,000

Wizard Level 4: Graduate Third Year (Must Learn all Incantations and Buy All Year Three Books); each increases by 6,000

Wizard Level 5: Graduate Fourth Year (Must Make All Potions at Least Once); each increases by 8,000

Wizard Level 6: Graduate Fifth Year ( Must Tame Two Beasts); each increases by 10,000

Wizard Level 7: Graduate Sixth Year (Must become a Animagi); each increases by 12,000

Master Wizard Level: Graduate from Hogwarts(Must do all Teacher lessons and Learn or Receive the Special Move or Item); each increases by 15,000

All other instructions will be explained on their respective pages.

Also if you block anyone and it is proven, 500pts a day will be taken off of your stats(person being blocked choice)until person is unblocked.