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Spells and Incantations

Hello and welcome to the Spells and Incantaions page, here you will find a list of Spells and Incantations t that you may learn to use in the rpg. Each spell attack can add damage to your opponent. It takes 3 days to learn a new spell or incantation.


Beginner Spells:(this are spells you can chose from when you first join)

Ricusempra: Tickling spell(adds +10 to spell)
Riddikulus: Turns something frightening into something funny(adds +10 to spell)
Level One Spells:(Must have Standard Book of Spells; Grade 1)

Petrificus Totalus: Full body lock(adds +30 to spell)
Tarantallegra:Uncontrollable body movement (adds +30 to spell)
Mobilicorpus: Invisible strings tie up a person(adds +30 to spell)
Reducio: Shrinks things(adds +30 to spell)
Level Two Spells:(Must have Standard Book of Spells; Grade 2)

Engorgio:Makes something Bigger(adds +50 to spell)
Furnunculus: Produces boils(adds +50 to spell)
Serpensortia:Releases snakes (adds +50 to spell)
Impedimenta: Loses use of legs (adds +50 to spell)
Incantations:(Must have The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection)

Prior Incantatem: Reverses Spell effect(must be stronger then the spell being casted on you)
Expecto Patronum:Produces a patronus to act as a guardian(adds +50 to spell endurance)
Finite Incantatem:Stops all charms and spells (takes away one turn from opponent)