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Hello and welcome to the Potions page, here you will find a list of Potions that you may learn to use in the rpg. Each potion attack can add damage to your opponent. It takes certain number of days to make a new potion. You can only use a potion once, after using a certain potion you will take you three days to make another. You must also buy the ingredients and tools to make a potion.


Beginner Potions: Takes 3 days to make either of this potions(this are potions that you can make with out a book)

Swelling Potion: Causes you opponent to lose a turn
2 scoops of Black beetle eyes
3 Porcupine quills

Boil Potion: Takes 30 pts away from opponents spell endurance
2 cups of Pus
2 1/2 Caterpillars
Advance Potions:(Must have Magical Drafts and Potions)

Shrinking Potion: Reduces opponents spell power in half(takes 3 days to make)
1 Gillyweed
2 Shrivelfigs
1 scoop of Black Beetle Eyes

Memory Potion: Takes away a two turns from your opponent(Takes 4 days to make)
5 Daisy Roots
3 Leeches
2 cups of spiders

Forgetfulness Potions: Disables any one of your opponents spells that you chose(takes 5 days to make)
3 scoops of Lacewing flies
2 Horned Slugs
1 Monkshood
1 pint of Knowgrass

Polyjuice Potion: Makes you have the same stats as your opponent for that specific duel(takes 7 days to make)
1 Belladonna
2 scoops of Boomslang
2 Shrivelfigs

Confusing Concoction: Makes whatever your opponents next spell turn against him/her(takes 4 days to make)
2 Bicorn
1 Dragon Liver
2 scoops of Eelís Eyes