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Quality Qudditch Supplies

Hello and welcome to the Quality Qudditch Supplies, here you can come purchase different brooms and other items.


Item Name Description Price
Firebolt Increases reflexes by 3,000 pts when used 50 gold
Nimbus 2001 Increases reflexes by 2,500 pts when used 45 gold
Numbus 2000 Increases reflexes by 2,000 pts when used 40 gold
Comet Series Increases reflexes by 1,500 pts when used 35 gold
Cleansweep 5 Increases reflexes by 1,000 pts when used 30 gold
Sparkler 340 Increases reflexes by 500 pts when used 25 gold
School Broom Can rent for the school year to do certain lessons. 1 gold

Qudditch Robes

Item Name Description Price
Slytherin School Qudditch robes 2 gold each
Gryffindor School Qudditch robes 2 gold each
Hufflepuff School Qudditch robes 2 gold each
Ravenclaw School Qudditch robes 2 gold each

Qudditch Purchase





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