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Hello and welcome to the Ollivanders, here you can come purchase different wands.


Item Name Description Price
Wand 1 ash, phoenix feather, 9 inches 2 gold
Wand 2 berch, dragon heartstring , 11 inches(adds +100 to spell power) 3 gold
Wand 3 maple, unicorn hair, 12 inches(adds +100 to incantation power) 3 gold
Wand 4 oak, phoenix feather, 14 inches(takes a day off of learning a Transfiguration) 5 gold
Wand 5 pine, dragon heartstring, 13 inches(takes a day off of making potions) 5 gold
Wand 6 willow, unicorn horn, 12 inches(takes a day off of learning a Spell) 5 gold
Custom Wand Make any type of want you wants( make sure to include length, wood type, and magical core)(adds +200 to what stat you want) 7 gold

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