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Eeylops Owl Emporium

Hello and welcome to the Eeylops, here you can come purchase custom owls. Owls help carry packages and make good companions. You will need an owl to be able to send emails to the webmaster; if you do not have one your email will not be opened. When you send a email label it with what kind of owl you own. After you purchase what owl size you want, describe what your owl will look like.


Item Name Description Price
School owl Can rent this owl for sending one email.(Rent as many times as you want) 1 gold
Small owl This owl is the size of your palm(Can carry three emails a day) 2 gold
Medium Owl This owl is the 2 feet tall(Can carry 6 emails a day) 4 gold
Big Owl this is a eagle owl(Can carry unlimited emails a day) 6 gold

Owl Purchase


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