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Why choose a wiccan name?
Having a name that you use only when you are a witch can help make your wiccan experience feel special to you. It can also help protect you privately. Some people want to keep the fact that they are a witch to themselves. Others want to scream it to the world. Whichever way you feel is okay. Choosing a wiccan name is also a nice way to get away from the maybe plain or mundane name that you use all the time.
How do you choose a new name?
Your new wiccan name will give people in the wiccan community an impression of who you are, or who you want to be, so you will want it to have some real importance to you. Ask yourself what is important to you. What are your goals and dreams. Is there a God or Goddess that you feel particularly close to(Diana, Isis). Are you drawn to a special animal or anything else in nature(Hawk, Lion). Do you want to have one name or two(Littlefeather, Ravenbear). Don't forget the elements(Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Listen closely when searching for a new witchy name. It may come to you through meditating or maybe in a dream. Using numerology to find a wiccan name can also be helpful.
Your Destiny Number
Finding out your Destiny Number may also help you in deciding what your wiccan name should be. To get your Destiny Number write down your real name on a piece of paper(Remember to include your middle name as well). Assign each letter of your name a number by following the chart below. Add up the total of each name separately until you get a single digit and then add all three numbers together until you get a single digit. This is your destiny number.
1=(A J S) 2=(B K T) 3=(C L U) 4=(D M V) 5=(E N W) 6=(F O X) 7=(G P Y) 8=(H Q Z) 9=(I R)
Here is an example:
Jane Lisa Doe
1155 3911 465
Now add them together separately.
Now add all three numbers together.
Lisa Jane Doe's Destiny Number would be "5".
How does your Destiny Number help you find a witchy name you ask? Let's say that Jane wanted to choose the name "Lion". If you calculated the Destiny Number for Lion(3+9+6+5=23=5), you would find that "Lion" would be a good wiccan name for her because they both have the same Destiny Number.
Your Life Path Number
Your Life Path Number represents just that. The path you will take in life and the things inside yourself that will help you along the way. Your Life Path Number is calculated by adding together the day, month and year you were born.
Let's say you were born on May 2, 1979.
Your Life Path Number would be calculated as follows
May = 5
Day = 2
Therefore your Life Path Number would be "6" and you may want to choose a wiccan name that has a value of 6 as well.