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Magickal Properties of Herbs

Please remember that some of these herbs may be poisonous and therefore they are not meant to be eaten.
Acorn - Money, health, protection, healing and health.
Almond - Money, wisdom and prosperity.
Aloe - Love and spirituality.
Angelica - Protection, healing and wisdom.
Apricot Pit - Love.
Avocado Pit - Beauty.
Balm of Gilead - Emotional healing, love, and protection.
Bamboo - Luck, protection, wishes and getting rid of negative energy.
Basil - Astral projection, love wealth and protection.
Brazil Nut - Love.
Burdock - Healing and protection.
Cashew - Money.
Cedar - Money, protection and healing.
Celery Seeds - Lust, mental and psychic powers.
Chestnut - Love and money.
Cinnamon Stick - Spirituality, healing, psychic powers, money and love.
Cloves - Love, money and protection.
Cotton - Healing, luck and protection.
Dill - Money, protection, lust, love and the protection of children.
Elderberries - Sleep, prosperity and protection.
Fenugreek - Money and mental powers.
Fig - Divination and love.
Frankincense - Spirituality, consecration and protection.
Ginger Root - Love, money, power and success.
Ginseng - Love, lust, wishes, vitality, healing, beauty and protection.
High John The Conqueror - Love, success, happiness and money.
Holly Leaf - Luck, protection and dreams.
Horehound - Mental powers, healing and protection.
Horse Chestnut - Money and healing.
Hyssop - Purification, prosperity and protection.
Irish Moss - Safe travel, luck and money.
Jasmine - Love, money, sleep and dreams.
Juniper - Protection from thieves, health and love.
Mint Sprig - Money, travel, protection, banishing and healing.
Moss - Luck and money.
Mugwort - Divination and clairvoyance, psychic powers, strength, protection, dreams and astral projection.
Mustard - Fertility, protection and money.
Mustard Seed - Mental powers, faith and protection.
Nettle - Healing, lust and protection.
Orris - Lasting love, protection and divination.
Parsley - Purification, lust, fertility and protection.
Peach Pit - Love, wishes, banishing and longevity.
Pennyroyal - Protection, peace and strength. Also aids in sea-sickness.
Pine - Healing, fertility, money and protection.
Pistachio Nut - Used to break a love spell.
Raspberry - Love and protection. Believed to alleviate labor pains.
Radish - Protection.
Rue - Mental powers, love and healing.
Sage - Wisdom, healing, prosperity, longevity and money.
Star Anise - Psychic and spiritual powers and luck.
Sunflower Seeds - Wishes, health and wisdom.
Valerian - Love, purification, sleep, peace and protection.
Vanilla Beans - Love and mental powers.
Vetivert - Love, luck, protection against theft and money.
Walnut - Mental powers, health and wishes.
Willow - Love, divination, healing and protection.
Witch Hazel - Protection, healing of a broken heart and chastity.
Wormwood - Psychic powers, protection, love and spirit calling.