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Magical Properties Of Flowers

Witches often use herbs to aid in casting their spells, but did you know that flowers
also have magickal properties? Here is a list of flowers and their properties. Please be aware that
you should not eat any of these flowers because some of them are poisonous.

ASTER - Love
BLUE BELL - Strength, luck, constancy, truth
BUTTERCUP - Happiness, love, prosperity, healing
CAMELLIA - Prosperity, gratitude
CARNATION - Protection, strength, healing, vitality
CROCUS - Love, visions
DAFFODIL - Love, luck
DAISY - Love
DANDELION - Divination and the calling of spirits
DOGWOOD - Wishes, protection
FORGET-ME-NOT - Love, memory
FOXGLOVE - Protection
GARDENIA - Love, healing, peace, spirituality
GERANIUM - Fertility, protection, love, health
HEATHER - Love, luck, protection
HONEYSUCKLE - Money, love, protection, psychic and mental powers
HYACINTH - Love, protection, happiness
IRIS - Purification, wisdom
JASMINE - Prophetic dreams, love, money
LAVENDER - Love, protection, sleep, happiness, healing, peace, purification, longevity
LILAC - Protection, beauty, banishing, love
LILY - Purity, protection, breaking love spells
LILY OF THE VALLEY - Happiness, mental powers
MAGNOLIA - Love, fidelity
MARIGOLD - Protection, dreams, psychic powers, legal matters, business
MULLEIN - Love, courage, protection, divination
PASSION FLOWER - Peace, sleep, friendship, popularity
PEONY - Protecion, banishing
PERIWINKLE - Love, lust, protection, money
POPPY - Fertility, money, love, luck, sleep.
PRIMROSE - Love, protection
RHODODENDRON - Peace, strength
ROSE - Love, healing, psychic powers, luck, protection, love divination
ROSEMARY - Love, protection, banishing, healing, sleep, youth, puritfication
SNAPDRAGON - Protection, friendship
SUNFLOWER - Wishes, wisdom, fertility, health, money magick
SWEET PEA - Friendship, courage, strength
TULIP - Love, prosperity, happiness, dreams, protection
VIOLET - Love, wishes, luck, healing, peace, protection
WISTERIA - Mental Clarity
YARROW - Courage, love, protection, psychic powers
ZINNIA - Love, lust, strength