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Welcome to my site. I have oodles of Buffy Fanfiction (that i have written myself) and links to other fabulous sites. Some of the Buffy stories need work, but all are based in Sunnydale in some way or the other and have many of the same characters, some old, some new, and some I just plain made up. But I do my homework, so everything should be accurate according to timelines and story plots from the show itself. Just so you know,I try to keep things as realistic as possible according to the show, so you won't find Fox Mulder or Skully searching around the hellmouth anytime soon. I don't own Buffy (the character or the show), I only write these stories for my own sick amusement. I'm a big Spike fan, so all these stories will have Spike in them, but read one before you judge, you may be surprised. All of the Buffy series' need work but it's only a matter of time until I finish one. In the mean time, I usually finish a chapter when... whenever I get around to it. (Don't you just love that Anya Truthfull-ness?) So, if you can't wait to find out what happens next in one of the stories, e-mail by clicking on the little mail box and I'll give you an update on how far I've gotten. I'll try my hardest to please everyone.:) Most of these stories range in violence, sex, and language. I try to keep things as clean as possible but I can't help one or two bad words every now and again. Most of the stories range from PG. to a good R depending on which one your reading. There might even be a few NC 17's in the future but I haven't gotten there yet.
Enjoy and keep coming back for more updates! Later! ~Laura

The ratings::

Each story comes with a rating in some form or another.
G ::Fun for everyone, but remember this is Buffy.
PG ::Good for teen-y readers
PG-13 ::Teenagers and up. Language, violence, allusions to sex. If you can watch the show, you can most certainly read this.
R ::Mature teenagers 17 and up. Language, heavier violence, light character sexual interactions.
NC-17 ::Mature readers only. Graphic descriptions of violence and sex.

Warning: If you click on the NC-17 stories, you are stating that you are a mature individual who is at least 18 and well aware that the content contains adult themes.

Current news::

Challenges is back! Unity is soon to come. For those of you who liked the stories you can now read them again, just be advised that the stories are incomplete. I've managed to update them and add one or two more chapters but other then that, until they are finished, I recommend using that little thing I like to call your imagination. I hope you enjoy once again, or for the first time, and keep coming back for more updates or fill free to e-mail me. Tx. Laura

Some stuff::

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*Transylvanian concubine lyrics
*Buffy Music Guild
*The Bloody Awful Poet Society
*Saber Shadow Kittens Buffy Fanfiction Site

Quick Plot Summary of each fic.

  • Flashback::(PG-13) When Anya gets hurt by a demon who sucks the soul out of her, only one girl in all the world can save her... along with 3 other people. This time, Buffy doesn't have to fight to win the battle she has to focus while Willow chants the ex-demons soul back. But, Anyas soul isn't the only thing Willow brought back when doing the spell. PG-13 B/S
  • Memory::(PG) This was my first fanfiction ever... don't stake me. OH, and FYI. I wrote this during 4th season before Tabu La Rasa. PG W/S
  • Challeneges:: (PG-13) Spikes old teacher comes to remind him of his duties as a member of the order of Malus.
  • Unity:: (PG-13) What if Professor Walsh's ultimate demon fighter had not been Adam? What if, instead of putting parts of other demons together, she had decided to make a human/demon hybrid in another fashion?
  • Souless:: (PG)Willow receives a diary from a fellow witch and finds out more then she bargained for.

To the story's...

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Challenges 1-3
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