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Piccolo's DBZ CCG League

Cell saga patch
Hey DBZ CCG fans I got the new cell saga patch so download it below I also got the newest version of Apprentice you will need that to.

League News
For your eyes only a exclusive preview of the most powerful card in the entire game. This card will be available is booster packs real soon.The Strongest Card ever

Getting The Files you need:
Playing the Dragon Ball Z Card Game online requires a program called Apprentice,Go to the link Below to Download apprentice. It also requires a Patch that lets you play the DBZ CCG on Apprentice, You may Download it below.

Now that you have the Files you need you have to install them, SO here is how. You must install apprentice, then when apprentice is installed you will need to copy the Patch, (Which is in zip format) into your apprentice folder. Unzip it there and let the files overwrite. It is simple as that! Now you can go in there and Make the perfect Deck! Or you can use one of the sites starter decks, (note:We prefere that you use your real life decks but its NOT a requirement.) Starter ( To use the start just copy the file into the Decks folder in apprentice.)

Where can I play?:
Go to Piccolo's Chatroom and find someone to play with with.

Playing online:
Here is a step by step List of what to do to get up and playing.
Step One: Open up apprentice and after constructing your deck, Click New game.

Step Two: On this screen Load your deck by clicking (Duh!) the load deck button, then in the upper right hand corner there are two options, (Connect Via Internet) And (Play solitaire) Make sure you click on Connect Via Internet

Step Three: Ok this is where you and your opponent connect to play a game. One of you Gives out your Ip (Which is at the bottom left of the screen).The other Checks call waiting and presses ok. Then the person who Is calling types in the ip and checks calling oppononent then ok. You Should Be starting in no time! (In the apprentice version anger and power stages are tracked with counters, Just right click and add however many powerstages to the card. 1-5 for anger.)

How the Ladder works:
Ok, you and the other players in the league will battle back and forth on the ladder to see who is number one! In this ladder there is a point systym, 1 Point is awarded for winning a ladder match with another on the ladder. 5 Points are awarded for winning in a tournament. To Report a loss (Which you must do if someone beats you in a ladder game)Go to the link below and give me the following information. Your User name, Your password ( I wont let the person report the loss if its a wong password.) And the user name of the person who beat you. I will then add 1 point to them on hte ladder.

Deck Mechanics:
The deck mechanics are here to help you improve your decks. All you have to do is submitt your deck with no more then 75 cards, and no less then 50 cards and the Mechanic will e-mail you back a list of ways to improve your deck.

Battle Tutor:
If you are having trouble Figuring out how to play the game, or just want some pactice, E-mail the battle tutor with your name, and your password he will then e-mail you back Telling you when to meet him in the chatroom. Click here

This is probobly the easiest part of the whole thing. Just send me a e-mail me by clicking the link below. And I will mail you back with your user name and password, simple huh?

Report loss

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Deck Mechanics

Download Apprentice

Download Patch
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