[NOTE:: More will be added later. I have a lot of them written in my journal (not online).]

[1]~*Number One* (Danny's Poem)+My first written poem about the heartbreak Danny put me through. (He was my first love)
[2]~*Mother's Protective Shield*+About my relationship with my mother. How I used to hate this shield she placed over me...my rebelious side tried to break free...
[3]~*Constant Reminders*+Everywhere I look is a reminder of the time we spent together (another one about Danny).
[4]~*Like Me for Me*+I wrote this after coming home from a party when I realized that the guy I liked, like one of my friends instead...plus just pent-up feelings I had inside.
[5]~*Betrayed by a Friend*+From: Me; To: the girl that betrayed our friendship and tried to steal my man...
[6]~*Things Change*+Isn't it strange how the strongest love that you share with someone, can all of a sudden, change??
[7]~*Alone*+How I feel inside
[8]~*Do you know how long I've cried?*+::title is self-explanatory::
[9]~*Lonely Me*+Another one about how I feel inside...
[10]~*Tragedy*+Isn't it a tragedy to live each day as a lie?
[11]~*So Beautiful, They Are*+How I wish I could be a child, once more...
[12]~*Never Said Goodbye*+She was my angel on earth and she still is, in Heaven.
[13]~*Friend*+A little message to my friends...
[14]~*Your Shadow*+Don't be scared, help me break free from this shadow...
[15]~*Forsaken Love*+Ever want someone you really couldn't have??
[16]~*Night Sky*+I often look at the same night sky and wonder where he is and pray that he is safe wherever he may be...
[17]~*Renewed Faith*+About my renewed faith in God...It was always there, I just overlooked it.
[18]~*Tossed Away*+It took so long to build up the love that I had for him and only one day for him to toss it all away...

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