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USMC Blood Pledge Website

About Lineage and Blood Pledges

Lineage is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. It was created by NCSoft Interactive Inc. Lineage is set in a fantasy/medievel time. There are 4 classes to chose from. The classes are Prince(ss), Elf, Mage, and Knight. A knight is the easiest character to use, and a prince(ss) is the hardest. Although weak, a prince(ss), can become one of the most valuable players in the game. A prince(ss) is the only character that is able to create a Blood Pledge. A Blood Pledge is a group of players, who work together to accomplish goals. The main goal for a prince(ss) is to seige and win a castle. If the game sounds intresting, you can download it for free by clicking the link below. There is a monthy fee to play, but if you use a credit card, you get 30 days free.

Download Lineage

About USMC

USMC is a fairly new Blood Pledge based on the Ken Rauhel Server. The Ken server is a Non-Player Killer server. But there are a few areas where a player could find himself getting "whacked". These areas are combat zones. The USMC is a pledge that is working as a group to become one of the biggest in the history of lineage. We hope to obtain all the castles someday, and become the most powerful in the game. If you are gonna give lineage a try, please think about how USMC can help you reach the goals you want to pertake on. And always remember to have fun. If you are new, and looking to join a good pledge, then USMC is for you. Feel free to take a look over are members list, ranking sytems, and rules. Happy Hunting, and Good Luck.

Vladmyre - Commander USMC