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The sun had long set and the inky night sky had blanketed the world when you decided to find some company among this strange clan. The moon was full and shone brightly on a dusty goldencolored path that grabbed your footpaws and lead them toward the distant silver trees. You could feel creatures in the trees watching you as soon as you set foot in the silvergreen grove. Not willing to leave the lighted path in favor of chasing creatures through the dark, you continued until you came upon a small clearing. Strangely, the moon seemed not to penetrate the upper canopy of the tall trees even though the opening was completely open to the sky. In the sudden darkness, you left only dimly aware of the slender trees which seemed never too far away. A large fire was suddenly lit in the very center of the clearing and illuminated a small gathering of the creatures of the trees, which were revealed as squirrels. They were a merry bunch and their tales of journeys long taken always seemed to be sung rather than spoken. Their fur color was either white or silver with no attention to age. They flickered in and out of the firelight as they melted and appeared from the trees. You join them wordlessly and listen attentively to their tales from afar... stories or poems "from afar" either!

Mystwynd Isle
Cliff Face
Queen's Kiosk
Island Map