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You left your treehut to savor a new day, only to find the morning mists engulfing the entire island in clouds and half-seen figures. You scramble down the ladder from your tree and you land clumsily down on the now-muddy path. The bugs swarm over you as you trip over a rock and land in a marshy ditch. You grab onto a branch to aid your rising, but instead it slips through your paws and snaps into your face. Now insect-bitten, hungry, and very muddy, you stomp through the undergrowth only to hear a clap of thunder and the long expected rain pour down you neck and into your eyes and throat. Choking and spluttering hysterically, you set off to find shelter with company and good food.

A small cave catches your eye that you've skipped on your previous ventures, so you head slowly towards it. Inside, it is roughly hewn and dimly lit with enchanting fairy-like lanterns on wrought iron holders. At the entrance, you find gourds of liquids of varying colors, a large apple turnover, and a medium beetroot pie. After eating, you finally notice the incense that is burning visably in the back corners on gilded stands. Strangely, it smelled not only of seasalts, but also of meadow flowers, mountain ice, pine trees, and humid marsh glades. The soft smell seemed overpowering, and you lay flat in the middle of the great silken rug that stretched from wall to wall perfectly. It was a strange thing; it made you feel as though the sky, ground, shadows, and sea were turning and slowly the cave melted away as you fell into a deep slumber. A soft ringing voice floated through your mind as pictures and memories danced before your eyes. "Come along, jolly sailor! Sail away with me!"

Laelya Fairwillow's Redwall Abbey

Courtyard Gardens

The Official Redwall Abbey

Redwall Online

Starfire's Redwall Abbey

Mossflower Patrol

Silverpeak Island

Trywynd Isle

Mystwynd Isle
Cliff Face
Queen's Kiosk
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