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Facing inward from the shore is a small mountain, or a large hill, with a grove of trees completely surrounding it. As you approach it, a large hut comes into view on the very top. About midway up the mountain, a hammock is strung between two oaks, which supported a surprisingly young ginger mousemaid. She wore a simple homespun green tunic and a wide leather belt, but her face stomped on any hint of simplicity. A long scar on either cheek and a small earring in her left ear branded her a beast of many seaward adventures. She awoke at once and studied you with fiery eyes. Eventually, she beckoned you to follow her into the open hut behind and smiled.

"Welcome to the kiosk of the Empress of Mystwynd, for it is I who resides here. Creatures come here in time of trouble and seek healing, or just come here to meet and discuss island matters. Have you something to something to say?"

**If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to email me with 'mystwynd' in the title! If you're submitting something to the site, then put 'mystwynd- submission' in the subject. This just makes sorting through my email easier...Thanks!

**If you're enlisting, then include in the email your character's NAME, SPECIES, GENDER, WEAPONS (max is 3)and a BRIEF BIO. The bio is optional, but roleplaying is more interesting if you know a bit about the character before you meet them!

*~Mandara Goldenoak--Empress of Mystwynd Isle

Mystwynd Isle
Cliff Face
Island Map