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Welcome to the heart of Mystwynd!


The mouse smiles quietly and motions you to come and follow her. She leads you through a small side tunnel, which turns out to be a main system that branchs out into a confusing network of caves and crevices. Finally, through a small crack in the rock face, you exit the myrid depths and stand outside on the brink of a steep and chilly-looking valley where the sun always smiles, but never quite seems to drive away the morning mist. The constant fog gives an eerie halfhidden feeling to the place and a sensation of time standing still. The mousemaid leads you down a beaten path to the center of the island and you are faced with a steep and dark wall with only one break in it as far as the eye can see in either direction. The gates are intricately carved with slender lines gracefull shapes that formed a language you couldn't read nor understand when the small mouse bobbed past you to a small slit in the towering door and muttered a few words. They begin to open slowly and you go through the gate and enter into the heart of Mystwynd Isle.

There are no events taking place at this moment! But, you are welcome to send in some ideas that'll liven this place up!! (we desperately need it...check out the Cliff Face!!) Anyway, feel free to look around and mayhap I can convince you to join, eh?!

Mystwynd Isle Cliff Face Bonfire Caverns Fireside River Bend Queen's Kiosk Island Map Lynx

Mystwynd was created by me, Mandara Goldenoak, on February 18, 2003. Please don't take anything without permission from me. Redwall is copyright (c) Brian Jaques and Redwall Company, LTD.