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Your exploration of the island leads you to the rear cliff face, not far from the Cliff Face. Most of the nearby caves are at about head height, while there are some at your feet, but their entrances are almost completely filled with sand. The easy pawholds would allow even a small child to get inside with ease. You climb up to the nearest cave like a squirrel. The sudden darkness inside is surprising, and you sit down against the left side of the wide, deep passageway and let your eyes adjust to the poor light. Your paw strayed to a large round wooden object that was leaning on the wall across from you. It rocked it gently at your touch and an audible swish is heard inside. A surprised molebabe peered from the other side of the large keg. "Hurr! Gudday to 'ee! Oi see 'ee found moi hoiding place! Cumm an' share wid oi sum gudd ol' sandburry fizz! H'it be 'orful gudd, burr aye!"

There are no drinks either! *gulp*

Mystwynd Isle
Cliff Face
Island Map