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The stars glimmered in the dark night and a pale blue moon gently lit the sandy shore. Despite the exotic beauty, it wasn't the nighttime sky that held your gaze, but the magnificent bonfire in the middle of the beach. There are many creatures crowded around the great flames, they all moved silently in an elaborate dance and none seemed even to be standing on the ground. The seeminly barbaric traditions of the natives is easily compensated by the delicious smells that wafted from a large canvas-lined kitchen on the leeside of a dune. A young squirrelchild sees you and takes your paw in its own tiny fingers. "I haven't seen you afore, you'm a stranger here! C'mon! Let me show you the preparations for the feast!"

There are no current dishes submitted either!

Mystwynd Isle
Cliff Face
Island Map
Queen's Kiosk