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You awake in a dim cavern beside a small pool of icy water. Its waves and ripples gently mirror a smooth image of aqua ringlets on the sloping walls and high ceiling of the cave. The sound of a waterfall seems distant, but the echoes cause you to flinch slightly and come completely away from the mist ridden world of the unconcious. Your legs flop like a wet blanket as you try to get up and explore the distant sounds of battle down a small curving passage across the bubbling stream. The narrow pasageway leads to another cave much like the one you washed into, only there were two beasts fighting among the jagged rocks that reached up from the depths of a murky pool.

One, a tall and muscular ferret, was clad in a plain red tunic with a gold chain as the belt and a heavy black cape the keep out the weather. Armed with a long gold blade which was wielded with much skill and grace, she clearly held the upper paw in the duel.

The other, a short offwhite female mouse, was clothed only in a navy tunic with a light grey/green cape. Lightly held in her small paw was a glittering metalic blue dirk with a leather bound handle and a pommel stone of the cleanest blue.

They immediatly drop their arms as you step into the cave and face you with complete confidence radiating from the face of one, and honest, mild surprise on the face of the other. They both open their mouths and begin to chant an ancient song of wisdom, suffering, power, stillness, peace, and greed. The words themselves make no sense, but only instinct was needed to translate...

The icy valley of Mystwynd!

The tropical isle of Trywynd!