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Well it seems that the Alliance has been disbanded. What are we to do? I for one think we should get back in. Alliances are a great way to set up raids and RvR events. But it's all up to our leaders.

Oooooo New patch means new stuff, and this one is no differant. Alot changes this month. We getting RESPEC! yes it's true respec is here, though you have only 2 levels after the patch goes live to respec but for our higher lvls that's not an issue. To respec simply find your trainer and right click as if your going to train and type /respec all. All your skill will be reset to 1, expect the auto trained ones, and you'll recieve a big amount of points to use as you wish.

Also in the patch is Spellcrafting and Alchemy. @ new trade skill for us :) Now I'm not very clear how they willl work, but I do know that if you wish to make them your primary Mythic has added that we will be able to reset our primary trade skill and take them instead. I do know that with spell crafting you will beable to make "spell gems" to add to any crafted item and imbue it with magical bonuses like +3 str +2 left axe. Alchemy will allow you to add things like procs and the fire all us lowbie members want :) also alchemy will allow us to make dyes, no more 30g black dye I'll make it me self :P. Also only certain classes can take these trade skills. Spellcrafting: Any class that can't train in a weapon. Alchemy: Shadowblades and Hunters

Just a reminder about the guild raid set up for every Saturday at 11 pm est... Meeting in Gna Faste. The raid is to take place in Malmohus, and is for all lvls.. mainly it's for all our young ones to get some good exp and good loot too.. Please come and have fun with us

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