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Find a Haunted House

Welcome to this page which is dedicated to our haunted house called Death Palace. It will be located in the state of Oklahoma. As for updated info we will have the details either on this site or another one made by my daughter located at this address: e-mail her at:

Tap Eddie on the head and see pics of the past years of Death Palace.

Click on Harry's head and visit the harry potter and the goblet of fire fan site. There, you can see pictures of my daughter and her merry band of friends arriving at a theater in Okla. city to watch the advance release of the newest of the series of Harry Potter films. Along the way they are distracted.

If you need additional info about Death Palace call these numbers:405-364-3446 and hopefully someone more friendly than Michael Myers will answer. HaHaHaaaa!

This is an advertisment for the sequel to "Shepire" which I wrote a year ago. It is called"Always Night". Same characters but different villians.

Click the fight and view pictures taken at Cos Con II

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