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1. No powerplaying/godmoding [thinking, talking, moving for another's character without permission].

2. No one under 15 allowed.

3. You must have some kind of roleplaying experience and give a reference for which I can check.

4. You may only have 1 LJS character and 1 made up character, or 2 made up characters. Do not try to sign up for more than that under a false identidy. If you are found, you will be banned from the roleplay.

5. All characters will try out. This is to ensure quality of all roleplayers.

6. All characters will make their own profile. We can help all that we can, and there will be a few characters whose profile will already be made, but need an "adopter" (a person to pick them up and play them).

7. No arguing/flaming. We're adults, okay?

8. All posts needs to be more than 5 lines. No one liners.

9. All made up characters must be original.

10. Only LJ Smith characters from the series the Vampire Diaries will be played.

11. Made up characters cannot be distant cousins of any of the LJS characters. There will be plenty of oppertunities to explain exactly why your character is in Virginia.

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