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*~*~ Images ~*~*

Images of Kotarou! How exciting! I was rather upset when I could barely find any pictures of my beloved tengu out in the web so I bought two mangas where he appeared the most often and got them scanned for your viewing pleasure! The thumbnails show only a portion of the images ok? You can use these images and whatever but it would be courteous if you'd link back to me. I know these are bad scans anyway but I didn't scan them (even though they are MY books)! If there are any who would like to donate images, especially from the Hana to Yume mags, I'd be extremely grateful!

Images scanned by AznChinkBoi
Kotarou and Kojiro face view Close up of Kotarou A full body view of Kotarou
Full body pic of both tengus...fancy! Baby Kota-chan! Kota-kun saving Hisoka...angel!
Bow to the power of the gate guardians! Um...yea, the 'real' Kotarou and Kojiro Preparing to open a portal
Kotarou, looking beautiful, saving Hisoka The daring brothers issue a challenge to Kurikara Fleeing death...
Ooooohhh, you got Kojirou mad! Kotarou bragging about his go baby! Kojirou braving Kurikara...

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