Thinking of what to do with this.
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New layout!

Welcome to the new layout, It's a mix of CSS and HTML. I got the layout and it took sometime to customize it, Plus I haven't been feeling good lately, and when i was i was busy..go figure. So it has taken me months to get this page up. Anyways here it is, Nothing great but i love it more than just plain HTML..

Update - Friday, Dec 17.

Havent done anything new yet, but it looks like angelfire is gonna be fucktarded and change old accounts to how the new ones are and make all ads guled to the the ads wont be pops ups...thus my code to block their pop ups wont work. THUS the pages are gonna be un-aligned untill i feel like fixing them, you can still view the info on the pages it will just look gay. thx angelfire fuckers, hope you die kk thx bye.

Update - Saturday, Dec 11.

Well I went looking for a guestbook and didn't find any i really liked but i picked one and it should be linked to the page now so please check out the site then sign the guestbook with any comments you have. Thanks!

Update - Friday, Dec 10. 1:30pm

Ok, Everything SHOULD be linked correctly. My Thanks to Nijere for pointing out an error before I got done editing the site for today lol. she rocks! Anyways. The Friends site and one or 2 more pages have little to nothing on them. I will add stuff to them when I get around to it, The friends site will prolly be first since it has nothing. Anyways here it is, For a few months i was working on a different layout but i got to a point when i looked at it and said i really dont want to use this. So after all the work i did on it i just started over, on this one. This one i did in a few days so wasnt too bad. I didn't take breaks for weeks at a time on this one so it went much faster :p . When I get a guestbook linked to the page please post any comments you have about the site. I'd like to hear what you guys and gals have to say.

Update - Friday, Dec 10.

Site is on the net! yay. So far I havent seen any problems with the uploading but if you have problems viewing this site please let me know so I can look into it. The pages are not linked yet so i'll be doing that today..oh joy.. thats so fun lol.

Update - Thursday, Dec 09.

Not much to report today, Site is still not on the net. I did a little work on the main layout, played with colors and desided it would look better with the red/black/white. Maybe i'll change it again but for now i'm just happy to be done. One thing I do need to work on with my webpages is graphics, images. Things like that, I think its fine without em, but then again I'm looking at how the code ='d the layout I'm not seeing just a plain site, nor am I building this page for anything really. I build this site up then rip it down after awhile to build awhole new site...just to see if i can make it better. This is not really a personal site for me, but since it is my site i'll put a page about me on here :). I would like to see more sites use CSS code. I'd like to meet anyone whos currently useing or trying to learn CSS.. So if thats you feel free to contact me!

Update - Wednesday, Dec 08.

Still no internet but the site is just about done. I put some CSS on the other pages, real basic code... still not sure if i wanna keep em like that or change em to the CSS on the main page. Either way it looks better than just plain text on a black background, right? ;P

Update - Sunday, Dec 07. 5:00pm

Well the main layout is done, Internet is down so I can't get on to upload it, Ah well. Next will be makeing the pages that Arent already made from my last site.

Update - Tuesday , Dec 07. 11:00am

woohoo, the site is about done! THANK GOD! Had to take a break yesterday but today i started again and I'm about done with it, gotta fill in the links and all that but the layout is how i want it for the most part... It will be nice to finally have a webpage back online. I had this same addy for a few years but for awhile it had some shitty-ass CSS layout on it that i tried to do, got sick of it and said fuck it, but i didnt give up on this one and i think it looks better! Well back to work! seeya.

Update - Sunday , Dec 05.

Well I feel like shit but i'm also bored as shit so i started slapping up some of this code just to get it out of the way. X-mas is coming so thats pretty sweet! But anyways, I wanna get this site up and running asap but working on it by myself and feeling like shit makes things go pretty fucking slow.