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An inspired place where those who walk every path of the Goddess and God are welcome.

The Pennypack Coven was formed in October, 2005 to join together motivated,
fun loving,spiritually active individuals who desire to seek friendship
and a place to celebrate the Divine in a wonderfully enriched community.

The Pennypack Coven will not hold fast to any one particular path or Tradition.
This is an artfully Eclectic community, recognizing that no one single approach to the Divine
is the "right" or "true" way. Spiritual practices can become stale or static when they
are always performed exactly the same way. We all have much to teach and inspire each other.

There are no hard-fast rules in the Pennypack Coven. Simply conduct your activities with perfect love
and perfect trust, live and let live, fairly take and fairly give, and harm none.

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