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TbC and SUNSHYNE's grand nerf adventure!

It’s a bright, sunny day in the prosperous city of Kuzcotopia, the city where all the best and highest rated super heroes live. Inside one of the many high-rise apartments with faboo views, Sunshyne and TbC are involved in a heated argument about…something…

“YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!” Gina plants her hands on her hips and glares at Sarah. These two seemingly normal best friends are really the city’s foremost crime fighting duo…TbC and Sunshyne! Reaching behind her, she whips out a rifle, and levels it on TbC. “Sunshyne… you started this all, and now you want to shoot ME?!? YOU STARTED IT!” “Oh, would you come off it?” “NO you!” “You infinity! HAH- take that, TbC!” Before she can even blink, Sunshyne squeezes the trigger, and plants a nerf stik square in the middle of TbC’s forehead. TbC raises a hand and pulls the sucker off her skin, wincing at the little red circle it leaves behind. “Oh, NOW you’ve done it!!!” She pulls out the biggest, baddest mamma-jamma in her stash; the giant-a-mongus semi-automatic machine gun. With reckless abandon, she turns on Sunshyne. The stiks fly across the room, and Sunshyne chucks her empty weapon at TbC, running for cover along a wall. Reaching the corner junction, she makes a jump, running sideways up on the wall, a trail of nerf stiks thwacking into the plaster not far behind her heels. She takes out another two small handguns from her sides and jumps back down off the wall, ducking quickly to avoid the deadly accurate strafing of TbC. Running straight down the hall, she fires off alternating shots, but TbC agilely dives behind a column in the living room. Both girls toss away their unloaded weapons and are reaching for more when they hear a beeping noise coming from the intergalactic transmitter conveniently located directly between them. Sunshyne pops off one last shot and gets TbC in the butt as the beeping turns to static. “Why you little…wait, wait, it’s something coming in from our leader…Aquagirl!” Running up, TbC hits a button so the transmission can come through, and she grabs Sunshyne to calm her down the only way she knows how; a nice, tight, headlock. Sunshyne struggles in TbC’s grasp, but both girls stop suddenly as…what’s this??? Their arch rival, earlier thought destroyed has returned to Kuzcotopia to exact revenge on the gals…the duo listens in shocked disbelief…This can’t be… but, oh, how wrong they are! “WHAT??? We destroyed the Evil Leeann last CENTURY! You can’t be serious, Aquagirl!!” “SHUT-UP Sunshyne!” (punctuated by a sharp jerk on her head) “I am trying to listen to what she is saying!” “TbC, Sunshyne… this is your mission, should you choose to accept it. You must find the Evil Leeann and re-destroy her or else at her word, our beautiful city will be bye-bye!” “But Aquagirl, how can we defeat her? She has her super powers…her straight A average! Last time she nearly got the best of us!” ~dum, dummm, DUMMMMM~ (from out of nowhere, that scary music that plays only when something frighteningly important is said vibrates the room) “Why don’t YOU shut-up, TbC…I betcha Aquagirl has a plan!” Sunshyne tries desperately to bite any part of TbC she can, looking suitably ridiculous chomping on thin air. “Right you are, Sunshyne…TbC- I have installed a button on your belt…push it and you will grow to unimaginable heights!” (even taller than you are NOW!) “you’ll be fully able to skish ANYTHING that gets in your way. And Sunshyne, yours will render you able to shoot deadly beams of pure sunlight from your fingertips at will…incinerate what you must! Now hurry! There isn’t any time to waste! Over and out-”

Elsewhere, deep in the slimy bowels of Kuzcotopia’s seedy underground, the Evil Leeann and her Evil Sidekick, Dancer Gone Retarded, are trying to plan a horrible revenge for our heroes! ~dum, dummm, DUMMMMM~ (a few rats scurry away as the music sends ripples through the puddles scattered on the ground) “Dancer Gone Retarded! Get off your skinny little butt and get over here right now!” “Yes, I’m coming master- I was just doing sit-ups…you know I have that big cheerleading competition coming up…” “I don’t give a rat’s ankle! Now-” gleefully rubbing her hands together, “is the death ray up and running?” “Oh, yes Master! One shot at TbC and Sunshyne and they will be helpless!” The two Evils break into Evil laughter, scaring away the rest of the resident rats. The Evil Leeann steeples her fingers, a la Mr. Burns. “EXCELLENT- now all that is left to do is to test it on something…Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!’’

At this exact moment, Taryn is walking back to her quaint little house on 69 Horror Street, when she realizes she hasn’t yet received her paycheck from Bill Gates. As she walks along, she mutters to herself about how she should have known better than to trust someone like Bill Gates to pay her after sleeping with him, and the Evil Leeann (and let’s not forget Dancer Gone Retarded) pop out from behind a bush. With another cackle, she fires the laser at poor little Taryn…and when the smoke clears, all that remains is a small disintegrated pile of Taryn-ish looking dust. “EXCELLENT! Now, when I turn this laser on TbC and Sunshyne, the world will have no one to save it and it will be MINE! MUAHAHAH, MUAHAHHA, MUAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!”

Back at the headquarters/secret lair of TbC and Sunshyne (which is really that little hole under a desk where your legs are supposed to go) Sunshyne calls TbC to come a runnin’. “I’ve found something! Doing research of some sort, I’ve managed to discover the fact that Leeann is planning to blow all the skyscrapers in our city sky high!” “Holy mushroom cloud Sunshyne! Grab your nerfs- let’s head for the van!” Slamming her head on the underside of the desk, Sunshyne staggers after TbC and follows through with her daily ritual of klutziness, tripping on absolutely nothing and falling down the four flights of stairs.

About 15 minutes later, and many detours by TbC so she won’t hit small fallen branches and leaves on the road…

“Alright, Sunshyne…we’re in the business district now… and there goes the Evil Leeann and Dancer Gone Retarded into that building…let’s roll!” When TbC and Sunshyne run into the lobby, they are detained by the old and rather inefficient security guards. Jacking a scene right out of the matrix, they pull out their super nerfs and wreak havoc on the small army of middle aged officers. Standing in the dust and smoke of the aftermath of their destruction, they glance at the veritable blanket of nerf stiks covering the walls, ceilings and floors. Looking at each other, they do the oh so classic na-na-na victory dance. “Excellent work Sunshyne, now to the elevator! Wait! It’s coming back down” they watch as the numbers come down…and down…and down. Sunshyne starts to get impatient and runs in tight little circles, finally falling over. TbC glances at her, the elevator number, her watch, the floor, her hands, then back to Sunshyne. Sunshyne gets up, just as the elevator reaches the bottom floor. The doors open, and who is revealed but the Evil Leeann and Dancer Gone Retarded…but wait someone ELSE is with them…who could it be? Oh no! It’s… “AQUAGIRL!” “I’m sorry girls- it wasn’t my fault, I tried to swim away, but there isn’t any water here and you all know how incredibly slow I am on land.” “Put her down Evil Leeann! You know it’s us you want!” “Ha, you pitiful fools…you don’t deserve to live, and neither does she! But, in exchange for yourselves, I will let her go…” Bravely, Sunshyne and TbC stand their ground, and pleasantly flip the Evil Leeann the bird. Being who she is, Sunshyne can’t help but yell politely, “Sit and spin!” with her hand gesture. TbC elbows her and steps forward. “You asked for it…Dancer Gone Retarded- GET THEM!” The Evil Leeann jumps back into the elevator and races upwards. “SUNSHYNE- PRESS YOUR BUTTON!” ZAPPPPP, BAM, POW! Burned to a crisp by the blinding beams! Turning to TbC and Aquagirl, she throws out her arms, wiggles her finger and grins widely. “Boom baby!” “There’s no time for showboating, Sunshyne, the Evil Leeann is on the 98th floor! We may not get there in time…WAIT! Get on my back Sunshyne, this is one time I’m gonna let you press my buttons!” ZOOOOOOOOOM- TbC grows to the height of the building, and reaching in with one of her hugeafied hands, she grabs the tiny (yet still Evil) Leeann. “Your Evil days are over, Leeann! Do your thing, Sunshyne!” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” With one press of her button, Sunshyne burns her into oblivion, and TbC blows the ashes off her palm. Once again, the world is safe from Evil thanks to… TBC AND SUNSHYNE…TOGETHER WE WILL FIGHT THE EVIL OF THE WORLD!!!

The End…for now…