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adventures of dave and gina *whispers* Lick the screen!

im listening to a pretty song we sing in choir *sways*

I'm listening to Robin Black *moshes*

but never they whisper of journeys afar.... away from the roll of the seaaaaaaaaaa

*floats by with my matress on wheels*

Come fair winds to wake them, tomorrow we pray... come harvest a plenty to them every day, till guided by harbour lights theyre home to stay... away from the roll of the sea.


*grins at you, soaking wet*

Oh had they the tongues for to speak.. what tales of adventure theyd weave... but now they are anchored to sleep, and slumber aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *takes breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... *passes out*

*throws sexy paramedic on you*

*has wild passionate goat sex*

*grins and goes looking for blue*

*screams as u see me raping him in a laundry basket*

*invites you to join *


*takes him away*

you can't have my sexy brown boy

sorry dear


gina you're my hero

lol, yah, and I'll bitch slap your lil' fag ass down to Davies street and back if you touch him! *giggles and jumps on you like tigger does to pooh*

muahahaha *gospel sings on top of a forty seven storey building and jumps hoping jesus will guide me safely to the ground*

*realizes he's out having tea and puts out a giant blow up pool full of whipped cream*

*falls through the whipping cream and bleeds to death impaled on a fire hydrant and blood sizzles with the mixture of it and dog piss and red paint*

*shrugs and takes jesus' crumpet*

LOL!!! Waterloo, couldnt escape if i wannnnted to *dances*

*puts on a white polyester leisure suit*

*struts down East Pender*

*hits you with my big shaggin' wagon*

*eats a pharmasave and slowly turns a shade of green from hermal remedies*

*gasps and paints you back to dave colors but then you get splashed by hose-toting protitutes and go all runny*

*throws a pudding can at a rat* GO PLAY IN THE YARD

*looks around but can find any cans so throws myself*

*mows the lawn except its concrete so i cause a city wide dust storm*

*demonstrates how to put on oxygen mask like a flight attendant* the bag may not inflate, but oxygen IS flowing to the mask.

*demonstrates how to put on a seatbelt like a STEWART* to buckle your seatbelt, place the metal clip inside the buckle. Pull the black band to ensure a tight fit around the hips. To release, lift the lever and pull the clip. Pour fassiner votre ceinture, mettez le portion metal dans le boucle. Tirez le bande noir pour fassiner fort sur les hanches. Pour relever, lever la boucle et sortez la.

hmmm its cold.... *throws a cat into the fireplace* thats better. anyways...

you don't like cats?

I don't


they HATE me

*roasts marshmallows* perhaps due to the fact that you indeed, throw them in fireplaces.


*shrugs and tries to block out cat screams*

you and me and hoos and yrvin should have a foursome. OMG SQUARE SEX



I bet leo would die to know we left him out *laughs and rolls eyes cause I know he'll kill me instead*

sure him too


pentagonal sex!

yes . LOL, yay and I'm the only girl

Ooh except im talking to this guy named Cam who i kinda like so maybe he'll tag along too lol


hexagon sex!



*waves wildly*

*jumps out of msn window and yells AHHHhhhh hand trails off into nothingness*

*throws a pentagon on you*


I'm fun


*scalds you with boiling paint*

Paint. Yes. Paint .


that's not nice


i love you and we're going to get married tho

weren't we already?

oh yes we eloped

I gave you the onion ring wedding ring right?

where did we go on honeymoon??

...umm, arizona, ive been there all week, inside your suitcase. the one you havent unpacked yet

oh sorry! I was wondering what in the hell was in that

sorry for the lack of sex

couldnt u hear the pounding and the screaming?

its okay, the only person to keep me company was my hand.

*sobs* and it satisfies you better than I do!!!!!!!!

oh never, but i was desperate, if i got blue balls and THEN had sex with you, well, you might have felt a little weighed down

*thinks and shrugs, tips your suitcase over* it could also be because I lack a penis.

Yes probably.

ahh well. that could be a setback in our relationship, but I think you stumbled upon that already didn't you? oi. That's why we divorced the first time.

*floats on my airmattress in the rainbow pool*

*melts into a puddle of sex*

*giggles and dips my hand in, comes out iridescent*

*evaporates in the phoenix sun*

*filters you out of raincloud* stop that

*rains and causes a desert flash flood*

*flys off my rainbow waterfall*

I sang to duran duran today! LOL

*drinks swiss mocha*

*giggles and bounces in midair* hungry like the wolf

you love them , shut up

*doesnt know who they are*

LIAR! *beats you with big 80's hair*

you're supposed to be on my side!



did hoos tell you about when i tried on the afro at coquitlam center??!


oh my god



i was so sexy!

c'mon dave, you don't need big hair. LOL, it's like a phallax symbol


don't you want me baybeeeee, don;t you want me ohhhhhhh-ohhh-ohhhhh-ohhhhhhhh?

*dances on soultrain stage*







*strikes a pose* vogue baby, that's fresh- I like it!


bahahahahhahahahaha its alllll the style in europe

really? I must have one. You will buy me one, won't you dave?

Sure why not

here have one now

*bats big blues at you*

KNAI <<<< to Geenz