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Since my main site is rapidly running out of room, I've moved some of the older artwork here. When this space starts running out of room as well, I'll be deleting the oldest stuff, but that won't happen for a while. The link at the bottom of the page will take you back to my main site.

Anki Kurayami Commissions:

Barroom Scene Rian and a Demon Don't Go (Storm and Rhayne) Gaze (Storm and Rhayne) Gryphinthalianis Darkmoon Skardal and Reselda Are You Real? (Storm and Rhayne) Storm and Rhayne Christmas on Syreth Rhaya and Raven

Anki Kurayami Collaborations:

Avaon Sokol and Ayana Tionos Tey Cios Avra Keilenn Arel Keilenn Erielle sar Stormhaven Tey Cios and Avra Keilenn Erielle sar Stormhaven and Arel Keilenn Reading Lesson The Ahchen Kids Ariyanae Kithshold as a Child Ariyanae Kithshold Gaire Ahchen and Ariyanae Kithshold Kail, Churr, and Kyra Tey's and Avra's Kids Avra and Her Kids Arel's and Erielle's Kids

Personal Work:

Ambri and Rune a girl with a dragon - inked a salamander - inked raptori mage Tagent - inked Meadowlark - profile picture Osprey - profile picture Eriko Jeanna D'hann nyo - profile picture Karhia Liahn Soladis Nike, Greek goddess of victory Mavia and Darron Nenkon and An-ha Rafe as a cub Brooke Starflite a study in patience, #2 a study in patience, #3 Mandi of Kingsbane Par

Winamp Skins

-=To view the skin's title, hold the mouse over the thumbnail for the alt-text. Downloads available where links given.=-
Tasuki_YUM (Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- The first skin I made. It's a picture of Tasuki bending over and tying his shoes. It's a main/equalizer pic, with a playlist, but no minibrowser.
Good In Green (Series: Syreth [Anki Kurayami world]) -- His name is Gareth of Trailscove. Again, no minibrowser. Gareth is Anki Kurayami's character.
Don't Go (Series: Syreth [Anki Kurayami world]) -- This is a picture I drew for Anki (link above) of her characters Storm Grymreaver and Rhayne Kerriann, from her novel Dark Soul (as yet unfinished and, obviously, unpublished). You'll have to ask her if you want to read the corresponding scene. The flavor text was added by yours truly after I colorized the original sketch and flipped it.
Dewey (Series: Nurse Angel Ririka SOS) -- This is a character from Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, named Dewey. This skin was a commission for Anki, and if you want the details on him, either ask her or look for a NARSOS page. ::shrug:: Apparently there aren't that many.
Woodsprite (Series: Disney's Fantasia 2000) -- I made the main section of this skin with Skinner. The equalizer and the playlist editor I did mostly by hand, using pre-made skin pieces. The equalizer doesn't have a windowshade bar (so sue me). If you want one, you can add it yourself to the zip file I send you. This is the woodsprite from Fantasia 2000's "Firebird Suite".
Tey and Avra (Series: Fynaris [Anki Kurayami and Stormlight Darkskye world]) -- I colored my sketches of Tey Cios and Avra Keilenn, stuck them together in a pic, colored the background, and then skinned it. ::big grins:: I think it came out good. It's very yellow.
Friendship and Betrayal (Chichiri_Hikou_1)
Download Here
(Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- The characters on this skin are Chichiri and Hikou. It was a cool picture (I think it's a manga scan someone else colored ::shrug::), and I thought I'd skin it. I really really really like the way this one came out. It's the coolest one I've done yet. ::huge grins::
Scramble! (Chichiri as Nakago) (Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- Nakago-lovers beware! I had this really funny screencap of Chichiri as SD Nakago, running down the hall in Kutou palace, and just had to skin it. The equalizer has Chibi Nakago on it, as does the playlist. Enjoy!
Balance in Blue (Series: Syreth [Anki Kurayami world]) -- This is in the same series as "Good in Green" above. The character this time is Storm Grymreaver, an "angst factory."
Lost Innocence (Little_Nakago) (Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- This is such a sad skin. I had the screencap (on the main skin) on my computer, and just had to skin it. I found the equalizer picture to go with it, and...the rest is history. He was such a cute kid! What happened!?!?
The Love of a Lifetime (Miaka_Tama_1)
Download Here
(Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- I really liked the picture, so I skinned it. I was ready to throw the monitor across the room while I was working on the playlist, but amazingly, I kept my temper (everybody cheer now). This is tied with Friendship and Betrayal as my favorite skin so far.
Heart of the Ogre (Tama_Red) (Series: Fushigi Yuugi} -- I liked the picture I had, so I colored it red and skinned it. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. ::shrugs:: Hope you like this one as much as I do.
Mountain Sunset
Download Here
(Series: nature photos) -- I have a whole slew of nature photos on my computer ready to be skinned. Now I just need to find the time. I like the way this one came out, and hey! it even has an equalizer! I don't usually do that. The colors are wonderful.
Moonlight (Series: nature photos) -- This is the second in the nature photos set I'm doing. I liked the original picture, of moonlight on water. Several of the buttons consist of moon symbols. Again this one has an equalizer, and it's rather dark compared to the sunset one.
Download Here
(Series: RG Veda) -- This is my first RG Veda skin. I haven't actually read the manga or seen the series, but I like the artwork. I wanted to do a skin with simple black and white buttons, and the picture I used went well with black. I like the way it came out. I even skinned the minibrowser and AVS for this one.
Rune (Series: my art -- Elayna's series) -- Another skin of my own art. This one is a woman named Rune, who is a firedancer (she works fire-elemental magic, channeled through dancing). I took a sketch of mine, removed the other woman (Ambri), colored Rune, and then put it on a background for the desktop (theme above). I took the desktop image and skinned it. I didn't do the minibrowser or AVS, though. I like how it came out. The words "Ashes by Now" (visible on the playlist skin, on the bottom-right piece) are the title to a Lee Ann Womack song (shown playing on winamp).
Download Here
(Series: RG Veda) -- Like the Ashura skin above, this is a skin I made because I liked the artwork. I also wanted to do a simple white skin with black buttons, opposite the Ashura one I did. It came out pretty good, and it also has a minibrowser and AVS.
Twins (Series: Fushigi Yuugi) -- I didn't have a good Twins skin, and couldn't find one, so I decided to make this. Even though my favorite FY character is Tamahome (and I was born under his constellation and have the same blood-type as him), I'm a Gemini, so I like the twins too (though that's not the only reason). I think this one came out pretty good.
Regal in Red (Series: Syreth [Anki Kurayami world]) -- This goes with Good in Green and Balance in Blue above. This character is Rhayne Kerriann, Storm's wife. She's not nearly the "angst factory" her husband is.

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